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Promotional Multi-Function Keychains

Multi-function keychains provide an affordable way for your brand to remain handy. A study by the Advertising Specialty Institute found that usefulness is most important to promo product recipients. Functional keychains that do more than hold a key are more likely to be used than standard keychains.

Specialty multi-function keychains fit well in niche themed marketing campaigns. Bottle opener keychains work well in restaurants and bars, and mini-flashlight keychains are great for safety programs and auto shops. Custom floating keychains are good for public pools, resorts and outdoor enthusiast companies.

Promotional Multi-Function Keychains

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Wooden Train Whistle Keychain
Style Number: 5271-WWK3 As low as $1.35 View Details
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About Promotional Multi-Function Keychains

Choosing Promotional Multi-Functional Keychains

When shopping for promotional products, remember that usefulness is the key to success. In a study by the Advertising Specialty Institute, about 80% of respondents said usefulness was the most important reason for keeping a promotional product.  What’s more useful than a regular keychain? One that does more than holds keys!

Functional keychains can earn your brand prolonged exposure, and there are many types from which to choose:

Variable data keychains: Key cards and key tags with variable data have many uses. If your brand includes membership (such as a gym or library), you can give out these convenient key tags. Each one will have a unique member number that members can scan for access to your facilities. Variable data key tags are also useful as coupon cards. Booster clubs and grocery stores often use variable data to offer exclusive discounts to card holders and track their sales.

Bottle opener keychains: Beverage companies can stay top of mind by including a promotional bottle opener keychain with every six-pack or handing them out to bartenders and others in the restaurant industry. Bottle opener keychains range in style from budget-friendly plastic to long-lasting aluminum.

Flashlight keychains: Flashlight keychains can be integrated into safety programs or serve as a simple giveaway at car dealerships and auto repair shops. Like bottle openers, mini-flashlight keychains range in style ask your HALO Account Executive for help finding the right fit. .

Custom floating keychains: Promotional items that float are ideal for anyone who spends time near or in the water. They’re great for businesses at the beach, public pools and marinas. They’re also a nice gift for guests at tropical resorts who are likely to spend time in the water.

This page is just a sampling of promotional multi-function keychains available from  your HALO Account Executive; let’s find the perfect fit for your promotion.


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