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Promotional Round & Square Custom Vinyl Keychains

For a traditional style keychain that will yield numerous impressions and frequent use, choose a round or rectangular vinyl keychain. Ask about custom vinyl keychains with full color imprints to create a keychain that will stand out among others. The message is entirely up to you. If you have a strong round or rectangular logo, you may opt for a clean single design. On the other hand, you can choose to print your website address and/or phone number on the keychain so the recipient always has your contact info ”handy”.

HALO offers vinyl keychains in many different shapes and sizes, so you can have a keychain that perfectly fits your logo.

Custom Vinyl Keychains

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Soft Oval Coin Holder
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About Custom Vinyl Keychains

About Round & Square Custom Vinyl Keychains


Let your branding speak for itself on a round or rectangular canvas. HALO’s keychain selection features various sizes and shapes to fit your branding needs. At first glance, the rectangular and round custom vinyl keychains may all look alike, so how do you decide which one is best for you? Ask these three questions:

1. Size? If you are decorating your keychain with a single logo and tagline, a smaller keychain may be all you need. If you want a big picture or many words, you’ll need to choose a larger size so your keychain isn’t overcrowded. Your HALO Account Executive can get you a free virtual proof so you can see how your keychain looks with or without certain information.

2. Shape? If your logo is round or rectangular then the choice is easy. If not, you’ll have to choose which shape best fits your branding.  Ovals, circles and rectangles with rounded edges can have a softer appeal than rigid and straight edges. What tone do you want your keychain to convey? Discuss your options with your HALO Account Executive—different shapes have different imprint areas, too. Your HALO Account Executive may know of other shapes of vinyl keychains that are not on this website, or he or she can help you customize your own shape.

3. Full Color or Spot Color? Whether you want a full color imprint or a spot color design can help narrow your choices. A spot color imprint is perfect if you have a simple logo with 1 or 2 colors. Full color imprints give you contemporary and creative decoration options. With a full color imprint, your design can have more dimension and gradation, which allows for the use of real photos, too.

Starting with these three questions should help you narrow your choices and choose the custom vinyl keychains that are best for your marketing campaign.