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Custom Personalized Keychains

With customizable keychains, you can have promo products that stand out among other standard items. Custom shapes make your branding more memorable and feel different in the client’s hand, too. When they touch that unique keychain, your brand will always come to mind. Create novelty keychains that look exactly like your mascot or logo so your recipients will have it on them at all times.

Completely customizable keychains come in a variety of base colors and can be imprinted with the design of your choice. Novelty keychains can creatively spread your message without the cost of a custom die. Review your shape, color and imprint options with your HALO Account Executive to find the keychain that’s best for your budget.

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Custom-Shape Soft Keychain - Spot Color
Style Number: 8021-6999 As low as $0.66 View Details
Strap Happy Keychain with Carabiner and Mesh Strap
Style Number: 7701-LAJ As low as $1.09 View Details
Poncho Ball Key Chain
Style Number: 6115-7741 As low as $1.59 View Details
Raindrop Economy Dome Metal Key Holder
Style Number: 6266-1703D As low as $1.90 View Details
Geo Economy Metal Key Holder with Dome Imprint
Style Number: 6266-1164D As low as $2.19 View Details
Mikey Full-Color Domed Metal Keyholder
Style Number: 6266-1216D As low as $2.25 View Details
Rectangle Keyring with Colored Frame
Style Number: 1165-EK1030 As low as $2.79 View Details
Safety Alarm Key Chain
Style Number: 106850-TR100SA As low as $3.34 View Details
Birmingham Travel Gift Set
Style Number: 1165-ES3505 As low as $20.99 View Details
Result1-9 of 9

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Things to Know When Ordering Completely Customizable Keychains





If you’ve browsed HALO’s selection of keychains and still can’t find just the right shape, then a customizable keychain may be the answer.  When you create completely custom keychains, they can be virtually any shape you desire. Create a mini version of your logo, mascot or other original design.  You’ll always stand out and know that no one else has novelty keychains like yours.

Before ordering, there are a few important things to know:

  • Die charge: Whenever a new, original shape needs to be created there is a setup charge associated with it—called a “die charge.” The die is a type of custom template, made specifically for you.

  • Minimums may be higher:  Non-custom items are usually created blank and held in a warehouse waiting to be decorated.  In order to justify the cost of a special run of the manufacturing machinery using your custom die, higher minimums may be required.

  • Size:  Just like other custom keychains, the size of the keychain is usually not the size of your imprint. When creating your custom shape, remember that your imprint will likely be a little smaller and will not bleed to the edge.

  • Production time: Many completely customized items have a longer production time than standard items. Remember, production time is the time it takes to make a product after the proof is approved. Order customizable keychains at least a month in advance to ensure your products arrive on time.