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  • The Ace Hardware Foundation has worked with HALO for more than 10 years. HALO has always been a great resource for our promotional product needs. Their commitment to quality and timeliness is uncompromising. Our hope is that HALO and their sales team will continue to be a valued partner for the Ace Foundation for years to come.

    Ace Hardware Foundation

  • HALO's solutions are unique. Our Account Executive doesn't just provide us with products, he provides us with concepts that provide a complete solution for every project. Everything runs smoothly and HALO keeps us in the loop from start to finish with no gaps in communication. 
    National Theme Park

  • HALO's team approach to problem solving was refreshing. Whether it was marketing material or product selection, they seemed to have an expert for anything we needed to make our program a success.

    Raynor, Inc.

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Promotional Keychain Lights

Promotional Keychain Lights A flashlight keychain is more useful than a traditional keychain and sure to make a positive impression on anyone who uses it. Promotional keychain lights are versatile and useful in a number of situations. Recipients of a custom keychain light are likely to replace their existing keychain with one upon receipt. Keychain flashlights turn on with a simple click of a button or switch. They’re useful for finding things in a big bag or items dropped under car seats. They’re also an affordable way to align your brand with a safety program. Give them to students who need a flashlight for trick-or-treating or late night commuters.

HALO’s selection of keychain lights includes reflectors, too. Reflector lights are a thoughtful gift for runners, bikers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Promotional Keychain Lights

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The Original Bullet Light Keychain Flashlight
Style Number: 9021-SM-9783 As low as $0.79View Details 
Best Seller Ad-Brite Key Light
Style Number: 7953-KC210 As low as $1.15 | SALE $0.89View Details 
Key Light Bottle Opener with Flashlight
Style Number: 9021-SM-9794 As low as $1.19View Details 
LED Bottle Opener Keyring
Style Number: 1165-VK5003 As low as $1.19View Details 
Multi-Function Tool & Key Light Keychain
Style Number: 6852-KL34 As low as $1.29View Details 
Blinking LED Clip - Star
Style Number: 5404-MI2110 As low as $1.32View Details 
Round Tri-Function Blinking Light Reflector
Style Number: 6115-77 As low as $1.39View Details 
Hi Tech Mini Flashlight Key Ring
Style Number: 4850-DP-670 As low as $1.46View Details 
Super Bright Key Light - 3 LED
Style Number: 6852-K3306 As low as $1.99View Details 
The Torch Keychain - 3 LED
Style Number: 6852-KL35 As low as $1.99View Details 
Pocket-Sized LED Flashlight Bottle Opener Keychain
Style Number: 3673-WLT-AL12 As low as $2.07View Details 
Thin Night Light – Square Shape
Style Number: 5404-MI2022 As low as $2.56View Details 
Thin Night Light – Square Shape
Style Number: 5404-MI2015 As low as $2.56View Details 
Thin Night Light - Light Bulb Shape
Style Number: 5404-MI2012 As low as $2.58View Details 
Thin Night Light - Round Dome Shape
Style Number: 5404-MI2016 As low as $2.64View Details 
Neon Night Light – House Shape
Style Number: 5404-MI2030 As low as $2.66View Details 
Dome Night Light – Thin Square Shape
Style Number: 5404-MI2018 As low as $2.74View Details 
LED Reflector Clip
Style Number: 5404-MI1161 As low as $3.05View Details 
Bottle Opener Flashlight
Style Number: 6852-MFL33 As low as $3.89View Details 
LED Night Light – Tower Style
Style Number: 5404-MI3023 As low as $3.93View Details 
LED Night Light with Sparkle
Style Number: 5404-MI3025 As low as $4.14View Details 
LED Dome Night Light – Round Shape
Style Number: 5404-MI3016 As low as $4.28View Details 
LED Dome Night Light – Square Shape
Style Number: 5404-MI3018 As low as $4.28View Details 
Result1-23 of 23

About Promotional Keychain Lights

How to Add Keychain Lights to Your Next Promotion

If you want your branded message to stand out among the competition, a promotional keychain light is a smart way to do it. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, usefulness is essential in getting your promotional item noticed and not discarded. A keychain with a light is more useful than one without one, making it a versatile promo product to consider. How do you tie it into your campaign? It’s all about your target audience.

Small keychain flashlights are great for anyone who may need light in a tight space. Consider sewing enthusiasts as they thread a needle or an IT person looking at the interworking of a small tech item. Sometime a smaller flashlight is easier to handle than a regular sized flashlight. If it’s on a keyring, it will always be there in a pinch, too.

Keychain lights can also be used for various safety initiatives. Police stations can hand keychain lights to residents so they have a light while walking in the dark. Keychain lights with reflectors are a perfect giveaway for Halloween trick-or-treaters, and they also come in handy for nighttime runners.  You can reach the latter group while organizing a run—give the lights away as a token of your appreciation for signing up.

However your audience uses it, a promotional keychain light will be used. You’ll enjoy prolonged brand exposure and thousands of impressions without breaking your budget.