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  • The Ace Hardware Foundation has worked with HALO for more than 10 years. HALO has always been a great resource for our promotional product needs. Their commitment to quality and timeliness is uncompromising. Our hope is that HALO and their sales team will continue to be a valued partner for the Ace Foundation for years to come.

    Ace Hardware Foundation

  • HALO's solutions are unique. Our Account Executive doesn't just provide us with products, he provides us with concepts that provide a complete solution for every project. Everything runs smoothly and HALO keeps us in the loop from start to finish with no gaps in communication. 
    National Theme Park

  • HALO's team approach to problem solving was refreshing. Whether it was marketing material or product selection, they seemed to have an expert for anything we needed to make our program a success.

    Raynor, Inc.

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Notebooks & Journals

Take note of your niche market with personalized journals featuring your company logo. HALO has everything from protective poly cover spiral notebooks to sophisticated Italian UltraHyde journal books. Custom journals promote your message each time they use it keeping your brand on their mind page after page.

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Custom Personalized Journals

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Best Seller Eco Journal
Style Number: 2849-NB126 As low as $2.39 | SALE $1.88View Details 
Post Spiral Notebook
Style Number: 9021-SM-3462 As low as $0.85View Details 
Pocket Eco-Note Keeper
Style Number: 7953-PL-3756 As low as $0.89View Details 
Snap Flap Mini Spiral Jotter
Style Number: 1165-VS1310 As low as $1.09View Details 
Mini Notebook and Pen with Colored Accents
Style Number: 1165-KP0541 As low as $1.39View Details 
Tribune Spiral Notebook
Style Number: 9021-SM-3464 As low as $1.39View Details 
Duchess Spiral Notebook
Style Number: 9021-SM-3455 As low as $1.49View Details 
Spiral-Bound Sticky Note and Flag Set
Style Number: 1165-VS1318 As low as $1.49View Details 
Vinyl Notebook and Pen Set
Style Number: 3673-WOF-NS11 As low as $1.60View Details 
Eco Spiral Notebook and Pen
Style Number: 9021-SM-3468 As low as $1.69View Details 
Spiral Notebook with Business Card Window
Style Number: 1165-VS1306 As low as $1.79View Details 
World Design Sticky Notes Book
Style Number: 1165-VS2510 As low as $1.89View Details 
Colorplay Jotter
Style Number: 3493-ST114 As low as $1.89View Details 
The Coordinator Journal Book
Style Number: 9021-SM-3450 As low as $1.93View Details 
Spiral Notebook with Zippered Pouch
Style Number: 1165-VS1308 As low as $1.99View Details 
Sun Spiral Notebook
Style Number: 9021-SM-3461 As low as $1.99View Details 
Times Spiral Notebook
Style Number: 9021-SM-3452 As low as $1.99View Details 
Mini Notebook with Ziplock® Pocket
Style Number: 4629-MP122 As low as $1.99View Details 
All-in-One Mini Notebook with Ballpoint Pen
Style Number: 4629-MP124 As low as $1.99View Details 
Eco Single Meeting Notebook
Style Number: 3493-EC302 As low as $2.09View Details 
Mini Leatherette Journal
Style Number: 1165-KP0600 As low as $2.50View Details 
Spiral Notebook with Nesting Pen Holder
Style Number: 1165-VS1312 As low as $2.69View Details 
Recycled Notebook and Flag Set with Handle
Style Number: 1165-VS1305 As low as $2.89View Details 
Mini Notebook with Pen, Flags and Sticky Notes
Style Number: 1165-KP2444 As low as $2.89View Details 
Recycled Notebook with Dot Design and Pen
Style Number: 1165-KP2429 As low as $2.99View Details 
Recycled Notebook with Pen and Magnetic Flap Closure
Style Number: 1165-KP2437 As low as $2.99View Details 
Recycled Spiral Notebook with Color Spine
Style Number: 4629-MP777 As low as $2.99View Details 
Helix Mini Jotter & Pen Combo
Style Number: 3493-ST49 As low as $2.99View Details 
Leatherette Journal with File Pocket
Style Number: 1165-KP2603 As low as $3.50View Details 
Vehicle Mileage Record Book
Style Number: 113656-U0204 As low as $3.75View Details 
Tucson Pocket Notebook with Perforated Pages
Style Number: 113656-75425 As low as $3.90View Details 
Small ClearView Journal
Style Number: 9134-JP-600CVO As low as $3.94View Details 
Ambassador Pocket Bound Journal Book
Style Number: 66887-1921-07 As low as $3.98View Details 
Eco Perfect Bound Notebook
Style Number: 3493-EC3080 As low as $3.99View Details 
Pietra Stone Paper Notebook
Style Number: 3493-EC525 As low as $3.99View Details 
Football SportsPad
Style Number: 9134-FB-60 As low as $4.32View Details 
Small ImageBook Journal with Front Cover
Style Number: 9134-SIB-64 As low as $4.49View Details 
Scrubs Notebook with Swanky Stethoscope Pen
Style Number: 7953-PL-2018 As low as $4.59View Details 
Small Hard Cover Journal
Style Number: 9134-NP-700E As low as $4.60View Details 
Small ClearView Journal with PenPort & Pen
Style Number: 9134-JP-600CV As low as $4.94View Details 
Result1-40 of 108

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