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Sports Promotional Items

Sports promotional items are useful in a variety of ways. For example, your organization can show support for local teams with sports giveaways at community events or with purchases. Teams can also use sports promotional items to boost team spirit among athletes and help raise funds through booster clubs.

Browse by sport below. If you don’t see the sport you need, contact HALO to consult with an Account Executive.

Sports Promotional Items

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Baseball promotional items and game giveaways
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Promotional soccer items for athletes and fans
About Sports Promotional Items

Types of Sports Promotional Items

When it comes to promoting your favorite team, you can almost be certain there is a promotional product specific to the sport you need. What type of promotional items are available for your sport? The possibilities are almost endless. Below are examples of some of the most popular sports promotional items, but remember to contact HALO for expert consultation on your next sporting event promotion.

Stress Relievers: Promotional stress relievers are available in various shapes and sizes, which include the shape of many sports balls. If you want something completely unique, ask about a custom stress reliever in the shape of your mascot.

Rally Towels: Get your fans into the game with rally towels. These affordable giveaways are ideal for sporting events with large, rowdy crowds. Ask about promotional noisemakers, too.

Athletic Equipment: Sports promotional items can be for the fans, but many are for the athletes, too. Add your logo to golf tees, sports balls, gym bags and athletic apparel. Your organization can be a part of the team if you provide the equipment they use in practice and games.

Souvenir Giveaways: When browsing for sports promotional items, consider game giveaways that fans will treat as keepsakes. Souvenir type items like bobble head statues, replica championship rings and collector glasses will be incentive for people to attend your events – change them annually to encourage collecting each version.