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Baseball Promotional Items

Get your team fired up and encourage fans to attend games with baseball promotional items. From baseball themed stress relievers and bags to baseball caps, athletic bags and noisemakers we have brand boosters for your next baseball related marketing campaign. Whether you’re gearing up the crowd or the team, you’ll find what you need with HALO.

Browse baseball giveaways below. If you’re in need of a specific uniform item or a completely custom game giveaway, contact HALO to consult with an Account Executive.

Baseball Promotional Items

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Power Plus Baseball Jersey 2.0 - Men’s
Style Number: 21878-1557  View Details
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About Baseball Promotional Items

Inspiration for Baseball Promotional Items

If you want to show your support for a local baseball team or boost the fan base for your own team, baseball promotional items can help. When choosing which items are best for your organization, consider how the recipient will use them.

Sponsoring a Local Team: When sponsoring a local team, think beyond the jerseys. Baseball teams need a lot of equipment, and almost every piece of the uniform or item in the dugout can have your logo on it. Consider the hats, helmets, under eye and medical equipment like compression wraps if you want the team to wear your brand. You can also become a part of the team by providing branded equipment bags, water bottles, coolers and dugout snacks for the team. Remember the coaches, too. Consider adding your logo to clipboards and pencils for notes and scorekeeping.

Baseball Giveaways for Fans: Providing game giveaways is another way to earn brand recognition through your local baseball teams. If you plan to provide game day giveaways, check with the organization regarding special themes. Many teams have numerous themed nights throughout the season, and your baseball giveaway will be more memorable if it matches the theme. Choose to provide affordable, small giveaways to every fan or go for a higher-value item available to only the first 500 or 1,000 fans in the ballpark. Plan your giveaway early so the baseball team can include it on their promotional schedule – some fans buy tickets based on giveaway days.