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Drive home your marketing message with promotional household gifts from HALO. Browse custom auto accessories, kitchenware items, flashlights, customized tools and lawn garden products. Associating your brand with the everyday needs of your customers delivers your message in a fun, yet functional way. Household promotional products are useful so recipients are more likely to keep them around giving you prolonged brand exposure. Your brand on a useful item helps build customer loyalty and earn trust because they’ll know they can depend on you daily.

Personalized household gifts also open the door for many niche campaigns. HALO offers numerous products that appeal to people in many industries. Whether you’re looking to appeal to auto body repair shops or local bakeries, HALO has what you need.

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Promotional Mats | HALO Branded Solutions
Promotional mats for indoor and outdoor use.
Promotional ornaments | HALO Branded Solutions
Promotional ornaments for holidays, events and special occasions
Promotional Car Accessories | HALO Branded Solutions
Browse promotional tire gauges, emergency road kits and ice scrapers.
promotional flashlights and keychain flashlights | HALO Branded Solutions
From heavy-duty LED lights to aluminum key tags, promotional flashlights illuminate your brand's message.
promotional ice scrapers | HALO Branded Solutions
Prepare your clients for frigid weather with promotional ice scrapers and snow brushes, available in fun colors and designs.
custom personalized keychains
Check out our assortment of keychain lights, bottle openers, tags and more!
Promotional Kitchen Items | HALO Branded Solutions
From utensils to serving trays, these products make great gifts!
promotional garden tools | HALO Branded Solutions
Make your promotion flourish with custom vases, potted plants, outdoor thermometers and rain gauges.
promotional tool kits | HALO Branded Solutions
Browse including custom pocket knives, tape measures and promotional screwdrivers.
promotional dog products | HALO Branded Solutions
Ideal for travel or play-time, our personalized dog gifts are sure to be a real treat for your clients and their furry friends!
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Putting your logo on everyday items brings your brand close to the user on a daily basis. It helps you build brand recognition, loyalty, and trust. From outdoorsy giveaways to personalized household gifts that find themselves in the heart of the home, HALO’s got you covered.

Every good recipe has a special ingredient. Find yours with custom kitchenware to create your marketing mix masterpiece. Browse budget-friendly kitchenware essentials like spatulas, bottle openers and bag clips and use them as giveaways at restaurants, bakeries and grocery stores. Looking for gift ideas? Make a statement with Swiss Army Knife Block Sets and wine chillers.

HALO’s selection of promotional lawn and garden products can help you spruce up your outdoor marketing efforts and grow your business, too.  Consider thoughtful gardening gifts to cultivate existing relationships and budget-friendly thermometers to send the message of “heating up” sales.

Household gifts also remind clients that your products and services are there to make their lives easier. HALO’s selection of promotional items, tools and auto products provide practical solutions to their everyday needs. Remind them how your company helps get the job done with personalized tools and auto accessories.

Getting close to your customer on a daily basis reminds consumers of the practical qualities your company stands for and the dependability they can count on. Promotional household gifts can help your company increase customer loyalty and acquire new clients.