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Promotional Key Tags & Lights

Promotional keychains come in a variety of styles and are great for many industries. Customers will attach their new house or car keys to your branded keychain and remember you every time they unlock the door.

Multi-function keychains with flashlights can help your brand stand out, too. HALO also offers numerous luggage and bag tags to let your brand travel with recipients.These useful options make affordable gifts for any client, employee or brand advocate. Remember to consider features like the type of light emitted and batteries used when browsing keychain lights. Some mini-flashlights come with replaceable bulbs and batteries, but others do not. The longer the keychain light lasts, the more chances you have for brand exposure.

Personalized Keychains and Custom Keychains

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6 mm Carabiner with Split Ring
Style Number: 6115-2081 As low as $0.59 View Details
Whistle Light and Keychain
Style Number: 6115-72 As low as $0.59 View Details
Aluminum Bottle and Can Opener with Key Ring
Style Number: 6115-2064 As low as $0.63 View Details
Anodized Carabiner Keychain
Style Number: 4048-65073 As low as $0.85 View Details
8 mm Carabiner Keychain
Style Number: 6115-2058 As low as $0.85 View Details
Good Value® Retro Plastic Keylight
Style Number: 4048-21257 As low as $0.89 View Details
Square Tape Measure Key Tag
Style Number: 6115-63 As low as $0.95 View Details
Bottle Opener Keychain
Style Number: 5954-CV5410 As low as $0.95 View Details
Sandal Bottle Opener Key Ring
Style Number: 6115-2062 As low as $0.99 View Details
The Original Bullet Light Keychain Flashlight
Style Number: 9021-SM-9783 As low as $0.99 View Details
Carabiner Clip Bottle Holder Keychain
Style Number: 6115-2029 As low as $1.05 View Details
Valet Key Separator
Style Number: 5284-750 As low as $1.18 View Details
Sure Float Keychain
Style Number: 6489-SFK As low as $1.25 View Details
Multi-Function Tool & Key Light Keychain
Style Number: 6852-KL34 As low as $1.49 View Details
Fun Key Ring with Light
Style Number: 6115-1761 As low as $1.49 View Details
Key Light Bottle Opener with Flashlight
Style Number: 9021-SM-9794 As low as $1.55 View Details
Round Tri-Function Blinking Light Reflector
Style Number: 6115-77 As low as $1.59 View Details
Flashing Reflector Light
Style Number: 9021-SM-9716 As low as $1.69 View Details
Luminous USB Car Charger Key Strap
Style Number: 6115-2653 As low as $1.75 View Details
Key Strap with Carabiner Clip & Keyring
Style Number: 5410-KSNW As low as $1.90 View Details
Super Bright Key Light - 3 LED
Style Number: 6852-K3306 As low as $2.13 View Details
The Torch Keychain - 3 LED
Style Number: 6852-KL35 As low as $2.13 View Details
Circular Spinning Metal Key Tag
Style Number: 6115-4713 As low as $2.19 View Details
UltraHyde Silver Key Ring
Style Number: 9021-SM-2396 As low as $2.39 View Details
Aluminum Multi Tool Keychain
Style Number: 4629-MK7900 As low as $2.49 View Details
Gym Shoe Bling Keytag
Style Number: 6219-756 As low as $3.14 View Details
2-in-1 Key Tag and Business Card Holder
Style Number: 6115-4831 As low as $3.45 View Details
Micro Rubik’s® Cube Key Holder
Style Number: 7953-PL-4455 As low as $3.48 View Details
CFL Light Bulb-Shaped Nightlight
Style Number: 6219-8479 As low as $4.05 View Details
LEEMAN New York Whitney Leather Luggage Tag
Style Number: 7953-LG-9096 As low as $6.17 View Details
Smart Tag Elite
Style Number: 10209-SA05 As low as $8.32 View Details
Result1-31 of 31

About Personalized Keychains and Custom Keychains

About Promotional Key Tags & Lights

Customized keychains are one of the most popular promotional products because of their everyday utility and affordable price point. They’re great tradeshow giveaways and employee or customer appreciation gifts. Promotional keychains can apply to any audience, too. Everyone from new teenage drivers to corporate professionals is in and out of the office, home and car multiple times a day.

When looking for something for your brand, remember that not all keychains have the same components. The split ring is a common, durable option for most keychains.  Claw and carabiner keychains easily latch to other items, and carabiners in particular can hold heavier items like water bottles. For something more flexible, consider ball keychains.

Additionally, you may have different decoration options depending on the material of the keychain. Many metal keychains and flashlight keychains offer laser engraving. Engraved keychains make a lasting impression on the recipient, and you can be sure your engraved logo will last a long time. Screen printed logos are a nice option if you want to give your keychains a pop of color. Ask your HALO Account Executive about different imprint options and prices that will fit in your budget.

Want to make sure your keychain stands out? Illuminate your logo with custom flashlight keychains, get measurable results with handy, tape measures and multi-tool keychains or puzzle the competition with a Rubik’s cube. You can also put the keychain to use such as for a sweepstakes. Send random keys on your branded keychains to prospects. Then, host an “unlocking” event where one of the random keys unlocks the door to a new car or a lock box with prize money. An event like this will get prospects talking and using your keychain!