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Promotional Indoor/Outdoor Mats

Make a lasting impression with promotional mats featuring your logo and brand message. Welcome mats are a smart, subtle way to reinforce your branding as customers are walking through the door or ready to checkout. HALO has promotional mats available for indoor and outdoor use, so you can display your branding at your storefront, near the register and on the patio.

Our custom logo mats come in a variety of materials so you can find something that is easy to clean and appropriate for the traffic you expect. From water resistant options to doormats you simply spray to clean, HALO has what you need to get the right foot in the door.

Custom Promotional Mats

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SuperScrape Impressions Indoor/Outdoor Logo Mat - 5' x 3'
Style Number: 10840-3559-35 As low as $136.99 View Details
DigiPrint HD Nylon Indoor Carpeted Logo Mat - 5' x 3'
Style Number: 10840-73-35 As low as $153.64 View Details
Waterhog Impressions HD Logo Mat - 5' x 3'
Style Number: 10840-2381-35 As low as $184.36 View Details
Counter Mat - 24" x 12"
Style Number: 6639-12640 As low as $8.62 View Details
HogHeaven Impressions Indoor Anti-Fatigue Logo Mat - 5' x 3'
Style Number: 10840-3422-35 As low as $209.59 View Details
Result1-5 of 5

About Custom Promotional Mats

How to Choose a Promotional Mat

Promotional mats are a smart way to market your brand to incoming and outgoing customers. There are a variety of mat styles to choose from depending on where you want your mat displayed. When choosing promotional mats, keep in mind:

1. Indoor vs. outdoor: Custom logo mats? Tell your HALO Account Executive whether you plan to use them inside, outside or both places. They’ll help you find one that can withstand the elements so your investment lasts for years.

2. Water retention: Welcome mats tend to get wet. If your business is in an area that receives a lot of precipitation annually, you may want to consider a mat that can hold a lot of water without getting soggy. This is also important for public pools and spas. 

3. Cleaning: Many indoor promotional doormats are made of some sort of carpet. Look for something that is easy to sweep and doesn’t take much effort to deep clean when needed. For outdoor mats, look for those that are easy to hose down and resilient to cleaning chemicals so that disinfecting the mat doesn’t cause it to degrade too rapidly.

4. Color fading: This is an especially important factor for outdoor mats. Look for mats with UV protection so your logo remains bold and bright for longer. Some mats also have a special seal on them to repel dirt.