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Promotional Night Lights

Illuminate your brand message with our custom night lights, offered in a variety of shapes and styles. Your customers or employees will remember you as you contribute to their saftey home. 

Nightlights are a functional and affordable way to promote your message. Browse promotional night lights perfect for many industries, including safety and compliance, real estate, healthcare, hotels, insurance, electric, hardware, construction and family services.

HALO offers a wide variety of options as well: thin, domed nightlights glowing orange, specialty shaped and tower style LED night lights that turn on/off automatically, and sparkle LED night lights featuring an additional built-in outlet for added value. With eco-friendly and Made-in-the-USA selections to choose from, your message will bring lasting brand impressions for years to come.


Promotional Night Lights

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Thin Night Light - Square Shape
Style Number: 5404-MI2015 As low as $3.50 View Details
Thin Night Light - Round Dome Shape
Style Number: 5404-MI2016 As low as $3.62 View Details
Neon Night Light - House Shape
Style Number: 5404-MI2030 As low as $3.63 View Details
Dome Night Light - Thin Square Shape
Style Number: 5404-MI2018 As low as $3.76 View Details
CFL Light Bulb-Shaped Nightlight
Style Number: 6219-8479 As low as $4.05 View Details
UL Night Light
Style Number: 106850-L237NL As low as $4.59 View Details
LED Night Light - Tower Style
Style Number: 5404-MI3023 As low as $5.11 View Details
LED Night Light with Sparkle
Style Number: 5404-MI3025 As low as $5.48 View Details
BIC Graphic® Night Light USB Wall Adapter
Style Number: 4048-32196 As low as $8.54 View Details
UL Listed Nightlight A/C Adapter with  Dual USB Ports
Style Number: 6115-2851 As low as $8.65 View Details
Result1-10 of 10

About Promotional Night Lights

Why Choose Promotional Night Lights?

Placing your logo on an everyday safety item like a night light, brings your brand close to customers and potential new clients in a variety of industries. Your care for their safety helps you build trust, as well as reminding consumers of your message on a daily basis.

Giving promotional night lights to real estate customers upon their purchase of a new home is a thoughtful way to celebrate a new season in their lives. New electric, construction, tech company and hardware store customers will appreciate your contribution to energy-efficiency and safety. New healthcare patients and insurance clients will notice your commitment to their health and wellness when you personally hand them a custom night light. Keep your workplace safe by utilizing promo night lights around the office.

Attract potential customers at industry trade shows by showcasing your logo on eco-friendly or Made-in-the-USA night lights. Bundle custom night lights with other HALO promotional items, such as technology, wellness and safety items, for an employee appreciation gift.

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