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Promotional Ornaments

If you’re looking for a promotional item that will have people thinking of your brand on an annual basis, consider promotional ornaments. Browse HALO’s selection of ornaments for something that represents your brand and that your audience would be proud to add to their decoration assortment.

Remember, custom logo ornaments aren’t just for the holidays. They can be hung year round in the office, on a patio or near a garden. Look for ornaments made of various materials like glass or metal for a unique branded gift. .

Custom Logo Ornaments

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Shatterproof Ornament - USA Made - Flat
Style Number: 55675-ORNT-USA-F As low as $1.49 View Details
Snowflake Wood Ornament
Style Number: 6219-1796-SNOWFLAKE As low as $1.53 View Details
Tree Wood Ornament
Style Number: 6219-1796-TREE As low as $1.53 View Details
Holiday Bulb Wood Ornament
Style Number: 6219-1796-ORNAMENT As low as $1.53 View Details
Snowman Wood Ornament
Style Number: 6219-1796-SNOWMAN As low as $1.53 View Details
Round Shatterproof Ornament
Style Number: 55675-ORNT-USA As low as $2.28 View Details
Shatterproof Ornament - Round
Style Number: 55675-ORNT As low as $2.41 View Details
Traditional Glass Ornament - 3 1/4"
Style Number: 55675-ORNT-TG As low as $2.76 View Details
Custom Shape Acrylic Holiday Ornament
Style Number: 6639-11510 As low as $2.90 View Details
Light-Up Glass Ornament
Style Number: 6219-1785 As low as $3.50 View Details
Circle Acrylic Ornament
Style Number: 6219-1794-CIRCLE As low as $4.28 View Details
Heart Acrylic Ornament
Style Number: 6219-1794-HEART As low as $4.28 View Details
Oval Acrylic Ornament
Style Number: 6219-1794-OVAL As low as $4.28 View Details
Star Acrylic Ornament
Style Number: 6219-1794-STAR As low as $4.28 View Details
Hand Blown Glass Ornament
Style Number: 55675-ORNT-G As low as $4.38 View Details
BIC Graphic® Snowflake Ornament
Style Number: 4048-51002 As low as $6.58 View Details
Result1-16 of 16

About Custom Logo Ornaments

Shopping for Promotional Ornaments

When looking for a promotional ornament to add to your marketing mix, there are many things to consider. Not all ornaments are appropriate for all occasions. Some make better holiday gifts whereas others are great as year-round decorations. Additionally, there are different points to consider when gifting ornaments to many people (such as attendees at a corporate event) versus just a few special recipients.

If your promotional ornaments are intended as holiday gifts, look for options that aren’t too large in hope that recipients will incorporate your ornament in with their annual decorations. If the ornaments are intended for year-round use, look for designs that represent wind chimes or effectively catch light. Ornaments made of glass will reflect light and make attractive window decorations for any time of year.

When giving promotional ornaments away as party favors, a simple imprint on an affordable, traditional ball ornament is likely your best bet. You’ll please most people with a simpler design, and you won’t break your budget with your party favors.

If the ornaments are intended as more personal gifts, look for items made of higher-end materials like glass or metal. Ask about personalization options that allow you to add the recipient’s name to the ornament and commemorate the special occasion.

Not sure which direction to go? Contact HALO to connect with a product specialist who can help you find the right ornament for your marketing campaign.