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Promotional Golf Products

There are many promotional golf products that you can choose to represent your brand at tournaments; the choice largely depends on how the recipient will use the item. If you want to take part in the actual golfing during the tournament, offer to provide golf tees, balls, water bottles and towels to attendees when they arrive to check in.

If the tournament is a fundraiser, consider donating a raffle prize – this can be a gift basket filled with golfer essentials or something less directly related to golf, but with a golf theme such as golf ball and club shaped chocolates, golf ball coffee mugs and gourmet coffee. Browse for ideas below or consult your HALO Account Executive.

Promotional Golf Products

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Callaway® Warbird 2.0
Style Number: 22645-64011 As low as $22.06View Details 
Divot Fixer with Ball Marker
Style Number: 6489-DVFBM As low as $0.48View Details 
Star Umbrella - 43"
Style Number: 20287-20002 As low as $7.50View Details 
PakMan Umbrella - 43"
Style Number: 20287-PK20002 As low as $7.50View Details 
Wilson® Ultra 500 Golf Balls
Style Number: 22645-WGWR588LO As low as $17.48View Details 
 Bulk Tall Golf Tees - 2 3/4"
Style Number: 6489-234T As low as $0.08View Details 
Bulk Extra Tall Golf Tees - 3 1/4"
Style Number: 6489-314T As low as $0.09View Details 
Divot Repair Tool
Style Number: 6489-DVF As low as $0.38View Details 
Tall Tees - Pack of 4
Style Number: 6489-GTP4T As low as $0.46View Details 
Mini Golf Ball Marking Pen
Style Number: 106850-GM9100 As low as $0.84View Details 
Tall Golf Tee 10 Pack - 2 3/4"
Style Number: 6489-GTP10T As low as $0.91View Details 
Single-Use Fabric Event Wristband
Style Number: 8360-EVENT-SS As low as $0.93View Details 
Sunscreen Lotion Pocket Pack - SPF 15
Style Number: 103415-40351 As low as $0.97View Details 
4" x 4" Golf Ball-Shaped Adhesive Notepad - 25 Sheets
Style Number: 109902-SN25-12 As low as $0.99View Details 
4-in-1 Golf Tee Value Pack
Style Number: 103415-60488 As low as $1.05View Details 
Woven Event Band
Style Number: 8360-EVENT-WOV As low as $1.07View Details 
Golf Tee & Tool Kit
Style Number: 6489-GTP42T As low as $1.09View Details 
Sublimated Fabric Event Wristband
Style Number: 8360-EVENT-SUBL As low as $1.15View Details 
4 Plus Tees & Divot Repair Kit
Style Number: 6489-GTP42P As low as $1.19View Details 
Nickel Finished Divot Repair Tool
Style Number: 6489-BTL-R As low as $1.28View Details 
Tee Off Medalist Pack
Style Number: 103415-60794 As low as $1.33View Details 
Snap-It Tin with Sugar-Free Mints
Style Number: 4490-404 As low as $1.60View Details 
Dri Mark® Triple Golf Ball Marking Pen
Style Number: 106850-GM9300 As low as $1.61View Details 
Towel Hound™ Golf Towel Holder with Carabiner Clip - Spot Color
Style Number: 8021-5260WOT As low as $1.62View Details 
Poker Chip Ball Marker
Style Number: 103415-61986 As low as $1.63View Details 
Towel Hound™ Golf Towel Holder with Carabiner Clip - Full Color
Style Number: 8021-30060 As low as $1.72View Details 
Golf Tees Pack with Quarter Marks and Divot Tool
Style Number: 103415-61302 As low as $2.06View Details 
Golf Ball Texture Folding Photo Frame - 6" x 4"
Style Number: 4500-735 As low as $2.08View Details 
Horizontal Golf Gatefold Event Photo Folder - 4" x 6"
Style Number: 4500-PF5850H-46 As low as $2.17View Details 
Napa Valley Optic Stem Wine Glass - 8 oz.
Style Number: 7192-389 As low as $2.35View Details 
Haworth Glass Coffee Mug - 10 oz.
Style Number: 7192-421 As low as $2.35View Details 
Golf First Aid Kit
Style Number: 5954-4394K As low as $2.50View Details 
Gametime!® Golf Ball Drawstring Backpack
Style Number: 2849-BG154 As low as $2.59View Details 
GameTime!® Sports Drawstring Backpack
Style Number: 2849-BG150 As low as $2.59View Details 
Corn Plastic Golf Tees with Cotton Pouch
Style Number: 1165-GR3200 As low as $2.99View Details 
Hemmed Lightweight Soft Touch Golf Towel - 18"W x 15"H
Style Number: 22118-TRU-18CG As low as $3.10View Details 
Lightweight Golf Towel - 15"W x 24"H
Style Number: 22118-TRU24CG As low as $3.78View Details 
Jewel Collection Golf Towel with Tri-Fold Grommet
Style Number: 22118-TRU24TG As low as $3.78View Details 
Small Microfiber Waffle Golf Towel - 15" x 18"
Style Number: 22118-MW-18CG As low as $3.98View Details 
Value Golf Kit
Style Number: 7188-TK270E As low as $4.10View Details 
Result1-40 of 91

About Promotional Golf Products

 Promotional Golf Products for Tournaments & Corporate Events

Sponsoring a golf tournament is a smart way to spread your brand message to many potential and existing clients. By providing the tournament host with promotional golf items and personalized golf gifts, you will play an important role in the event and help your brand earn recognition larger than a line in the brochure will do. 

In choosing how to get involved with the tournament, you have many options. You can provide general items to be used by each golfer such as tees, balls and water bottles. Ask the tournament sponsor what they may need for attendees. In addition to the golfing, tournaments may provide lunch to participants and your contribution could be the plates, cups and napkins in the dining hall. Another option is to provide the tournament prize such as monogrammed apparel, golf towels and keepsake golf items.