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Your Personal Account Executive

HALO Branded Solutions is a highly respected leader in the promotional products industry with the largest geographical footprint in North America. With sales offices in key markets across the country and Account Executives located in every state, HALO's broad reach allows our clients access to a dedicated and experienced Account Executive.


HALO's greatest asset is our Account Executives who have expertise developed over decades in the industry planning, developing and implementing successful client promotional programs. HALO Account Executives access the most robust product research tools available and train several times a year on the most up-to-date products, styles and colors to enhance your brand.


Your HALO Account Executive has the resources to aid in every aspect of your promotional marketing plan including:


Personal commitment to the success of every project is displayed through a proactive and responsive approach. With a creative and innovative approach to every opportunity, your HALO Account Executive will provide you with exceptional service and outstanding results.

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