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Promotional Food Gift Boxes

Whether ringing in the New Year, celebrating the holiday season or sending your thanks just because —promotional food gift boxes are the perfect way to show your appreciation to customers and employees. Browse HALO’s large selection of party-pleasing gourmet food. Whether you want chocolate towers filled with pure decadence or individual gifts like fresh roasted nuts and English butter toffees, you’ll find all the promotional food boxes you need to satisfy their cravings.

One of the biggest benefits of a corporate food gift is the fact that everyone in the office can share it. In today’s business environment, it is often difficult to know for sure who the real decision makers are. A large food gift covers everyone in the office and generates goodwill with all.

Personalized Food Gifts

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Stacked Present with Pistachios and Chocolate Covered Peanuts
Style Number: 71685-STPR-ST1 As low as $8.45View Details 
The Executive Cookie Box
Style Number: 9172-GB2-G As low as $13.25View Details 
Buttery Popcorn Tub - 1 gal.
Style Number: 4490-POP-10BP As low as $16.24View Details 
Sweet and Salty Luxury Gift Box
Style Number: 71685-SWS As low as $24.20View Details 
The Grand Tin with Starlite Mints, Jelly Beans & Hard Candy
Style Number: 9172-GT1-B As low as $17.75View Details 
Executive Treat Container with Chocolate Pretzel
Style Number: 71685-LETC-CCP As low as $25.20View Details 
3-Way Chocolate Pretzel Tin
Style Number: 71685-3C3WP As low as $24.70View Details 
Chocolate Almonds & Peppermint Bark in Faux Leather Box
Style Number: 20391-LB104 As low as $26.95View Details 
Hardwood Pencil Cup with Extra Fancy Jumbo Cashews
Style Number: 20391-BPC102 As low as $27.95View Details 
Two Gallon Tin
Style Number: 9172-T2G-A As low as $25.65View Details 
English Butter Toffee & Pecan Turtles Gold Striped Gift Box
Style Number: 20391-GS160 As low as $32.95View Details 
Chocolate Lover’s Luxury Gift Tower
Style Number: 71685-CCLT As low as $34.70View Details 
Deluxe Mixed Nuts, Sea Salt Caramels & Chocolate Almonds Snowflake Gift Box
Style Number: 20391-RD3006 As low as $38.95View Details 
Pecan Turtles, English Butter Toffee & Chocolate Almonds Fantasy Gift Box
Style Number: 20391-WBR3001 As low as $38.95View Details 
9 Way Luxury Sampler
Style Number: 71685-9WS2-NTC As low as $44.31View Details 
Sea Salt Caramel Gift Box
Style Number: 4490-SSCB As low as $41.61View Details 
3-Way Gourmet Popcorn Tin - 6.5 gal.
Style Number: 71685-6G3W As low as $54.71View Details 
Executive Gourmet Tower
Style Number: 20391-SN897 As low as $123.95View Details 
Miniature Hershey® Singles
Style Number: 9172-HERSHEYMINI01 As low as $0.63View Details 
Zagasnacks Promo Snack Pack Bags
Style Number: 9172-ZS5-JB As low as $0.85View Details 
Animal Crackers Snack Bag
Style Number: 71685-PS-AC1 As low as $0.93View Details 
Mini Flip-Top Candy Dispenser with Red Hots® or Mints
Style Number: 71685-MCD-1 As low as $1.03View Details 
Single Serve Hot Chocolate Mix Packet
Style Number: 71685-CHC As low as $1.10View Details 
Individually Wrapped Granola Bar
Style Number: 71685-CWGB As low as $1.15View Details 
Full Color Header Bag with Trail Mix - 1 oz
Style Number: 71685-HB-TM1 As low as $1.40View Details 
Promotional Nature Valley™ Granola Bars
Style Number: 4490-SN-400D As low as $1.43View Details 
Mini Push-Top Red Hots® Tin
Style Number: 71685-MINICCT-2 As low as $1.45View Details 
Treat Card with M&Ms™
Style Number: 71685-TRCD-MNM As low as $1.68View Details 
Gourmet Jelly Beans in Pillow Case
Style Number: 71685-SCPC-4 As low as $1.71View Details 
Small Hinged Mint Tin
Style Number: 71685-HT101-2 As low as $1.72View Details 
Single Serve Coffee Cup with Full Color Sleeve
Style Number: 71685-KCSL As low as $1.90View Details 
Black Ground Coffee Bag - 0.75 oz
Style Number: 9172-COFFEE75 As low as $1.95View Details 
Window Box - Small
Style Number: 71685-CSBCHC As low as $2.10View Details 
Chocolate Covered Oreo® Pops
Style Number: 71685-CCOP-NRP As low as $2.10View Details 
Promo Snax
Style Number: 71685-PS-CP25 As low as $2.20View Details 
Slide Tin with Mini M&M’s®
Style Number: 71685-GT-5 As low as $2.22View Details 
Snap-Top Gourmet Jelly Bean Tin
Style Number: 71685-STCC-6 As low as $2.26View Details 
M&M’s® in Pillow Case
Style Number: 71685-LCPC-5 As low as $2.29View Details 
M&M’s® in Clear Tube with Silver Cap
Style Number: 71685-SMCBT-4 As low as $2.35View Details 
Jelly Belly®  Tin
Style Number: 4490-JBTIN As low as $2.48View Details 
Result1-40 of 133

About Personalized Food Gifts

Benefits of Corporate Food Gifts





According to research from the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), recipients prefer consumables, such as food gifts, more than any other promotional product. With gourmet food gifts, the buyer does not need to worry about gender or size. One size fits all!  This makes it a lot easier to put together your gift program. With so many sweet treats to choose from, it will be tough to pick just one. The good news is, you don’t have to! Taste-tempting towers cater to everyone’s sweet tooth with box upon box of delectable treats and satisfying snacks.

Another major benefit of food gifts is their scalability.  You can match the size of the gift to the population of the recipient’s office, buying larger gifts for the larger offices and individual gifts for those in smaller offices.

For the buyer who wants to include a retentive item in the gift package there are many options including: cutting boards, collectible wooden trucks filled with sweets, keepsake boxes, desk accessories and crystal candy dishes.

The most common use for gourmet food gifts is fourth quarter holiday gifting to customers and employees. Other uses include, employee reward programs, room gifts, thank you gifts, table favors, event gifts and tradeshow handouts. If you want to send a gift that is sure to make everyone happy, a corporate food gift is always a great option.

Source: Promotional Products Association International