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Customer Testimonials

Garrity® Promotional Flashlights

Garrity has earned its reputation as an innovator of flashlights. Now a member of the Duracell family, Garrity is widely recognized and has a quality-meets-durability style in Garrity promotional flashlights. Put your logo on Garrity custom flashlights to pair your brand with success and reliability.

Garrity Promotional Flashlights

About Garrity Promotional Flashlights

Garrity promotional flashlights represent many things: reliability, sturdiness and industry, to name a few. Garrity has been a pioneer in the flashlight industry and continues to excel with time. Built upon hard work and grit, Garrity doesn’t follow the newest trends—it creates them.

Every style of Garrity promotional flashlights is an original design that will get the job done. These products are terrific tradeshow giveaways as they come in convenient sizes. Garrity flashlights cater to a number of industries, including automotive, home repair and construction. When you customize and give away a Garrity promotional flashlight, the recipients will know they’re in good hands.

Garrity represents more than just grit and hard work. When a customer spies a Garrity branded item, they’ll see usefulness, durability and comfort. These flashlights come in all sizes so they can fit in a tool bench, a purse or glove compartment.

For a mini-sized flashlight that packs a punch, customize the Garrity 9 LED Flashlight. The 9 LED lights are refreshingly bright for the flashlight’s small, portable size. Its wrist strap and durable aluminum construction make it an ideal flashlight to keep in your backpack or purse.

If your client’s car breaks down late at night, make sure that your brand is there to help them with the Garrity Multi-Function Auto Emergency Light. This innovative flashlight has a built-in window hammer, seatbelt cutter, car magnet and flashing red light—all useful tools against an unplanned bump in the road. What better way of showing them that you care than by being there when they need you most? 

When it comes to promotional giveaways, it’s easy to show that you care with a Garrity promotional flashlight. With Garrity, you can lead them down the darkest moments of their lives. Others may imitate, but Garrity innovates.