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How to Get Repeat Brand Exposure with Promotional Tote Bags


One of the top reusable promotional products on the market today is thecustom reusable bag. Imprinted with your company’s logo, website URL and/or contact info, these promotional tote bags may be made of cotton or non-woven materials. Many of thesecustom reusable bags are also recyclable and eco-friendly, making them the perfect “on-trend” promotional products.

Within the past few years, custom reusable bags have become more popular, making them the perfect option for your promotional product campaign. Once you imprint your company’s logo on these personalized tote bags, you will gain exposure over and over, as people carry them to and from the grocery store, beach, office or gym.

Custom Reusable Bags Are Eco-friendly

Custom Brown Tote BagPromotional tote bags are both budget-friendly and eco-friendly, providing repeated exposure and advertising impressions while conveying a “go green” sentiment.

Environmentally friendly products such as these are popular among consumers today – and they are used in many applications. They are often machine-washable, making them easy to keep clean. And they can be folded neatly into storage areas or kitchen cabinets.

By offering custom reusable bags to your customers as giveaways, premiums or incentives, you are making an eco-friendly statement about your company’s stance on sustainability. This engenders good will among people who use your custom bags that are imprinted with your business logo or campaign message.

Custom Grocery Bags Are Becoming Popular in the US

Thanks to the “green” movement, many cities in California are banning plastic grocery bags in favor of recyclableCustom Eco Carry Shopping Bag and reusable alternatives. Austin just recently banned them in March of 2013. Other states – and even federal lawmakers – may soon follow Austin and California’s lead.

Why not get ahead of the curve by offering your ownpersonalized tote bags imprinted with your campaign logo or advertising message?

Almost all grocery stores offer custom grocery bags. Talk about a win/win! Customers actually pay for these personalized tote bags, so grocery stores actually make a profit while simultaneously getting free advertising since the grocery totes prominently display the store’s logo. The grocery store gains advertising impressions every time customers use these custom grocery bags.

Personalized Tote Bags Make Good Employee Incentives

Custom Fun Tote BagPromotional tote bags can also be used as employee incentives and perks. With the rising cost of health care, many companies are implementing wellness programs and encouraging employees to eat right.

One way to do this is to replace a fast food habit with a “brown bag” lunch featuring healthier food choices. Custom reusable bags make a great alternative to the traditional “brown bag” or lunch box.



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