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HALO Account Executive Brings Hope to Families in Mexico

Account Executive Debie Rowe helps Viejas

HALO Branded Solution’s Janette Petesch from the Phoenix, AZ office along with Regional Vice President, Tomas Cohan and Account Executive Don Robinette from Denver, CO office helped build homes for several families in Juarez, Mexico. In just one day the team assisted in raising the walls for 3 homes and 2 computer rooms. The HALO members were kindly assisted by a foreign exchange student staying with Janette as well as the account executive’s children. Janette was very touched by the event, saying;

“There are so many with needs beyond our comprehension in the year 2013 when our kids have iPads and iPhones. Some people, just south of us in Mexico, live on dirt floors with pallets used to create walls of an un-insulated home, without even a roof. I feel so very grateful for this country and the opportunity to serve those less fortunate. We have the ability to give much if we take time. There is so much waste around us that would be greatly appreciated by those in need. And it is doable! Just reach out!”

While in Juarez, Janette donated much needed walkers and small items to turn the house into a home. It is her hope to travel back to visit the families and continue to offer assistance in the area.

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