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HALO's Denver Office Volunteers for Missions Ministries Juarez Build in the Colonias

HALO volunteering with Missions Ministries to help build a home in Juarez, Mexico.

HALO Branded Solutions’ Denver, CO office came together to help build a home in the Colonias, 30 kilometers outside of Juarez in Mexico. HALO’s Denver-based team of volunteers included Regional Vice President Tomas Cohan, Sales Assistant Margaret Miner, and Account Executives John Gnadt, Don Robinette, Patty Robinette, and Linda Stephens. They were also joined by many close friends and family members.

The team worked with non-profit religion organization Missions Ministries, which has been committed since 1992 to improving the lives of those in the communities of Northern Mexico.

Most homes in the colonias area consist of wood pallets and dirt floors, causing a high residential death rate due to exposure during winter months. Working side by side with a local Mexican crew and the family themselves, the Denver team built a simple yet high-quality home with an outhouse from the ground up on a pre-poured concrete slab.

“Before I left, I was filled with fear over safety issues for my two children and nearly cancelled our trip,” said HALO Account Executive Linda Stephens. “After our incredible four day experience, however, I have experienced the family’s light and faith in the darkness there and now see the trip as an amazing opportunity that my family was blessed to have shared.”

From pounding the first nails into the two-by-four boards that would support the frame, to roofing, insulating, wiring, and painting, the HALO team experienced all aspects of the labor intensive, yet rewarding build. By the second day, they completed the family’s home, handing over the keys to the new homeowners in a joy-filled dedication with lots of heartfelt tears. The team was very moved by the amazing faith, warmth, and thankfulness of the family.

“Each of us feel changed by our experiences from working with the family, sharing many smiles and hugs, and being able to have our hearts joined together even though we didn’t speak the same language,” says Patty Robinette, “While we were there, we bonded together over wonderful meals in the team center, daily devotions, and hours of technology-free discussion and fun.”

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