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Promotional Mirrors & Personal Care Items

HALO's personalized mirrors and personal care items keep your brand looking its best! These are the everyday essentials that your audience will find useful and keep for longer. That means extended brand exposure for your organization.

Promotional personal care items such as branded mirrors are generally small enough for the recipient to carry with them in a pocket, travel bag or purse, too. Your brand will go wherever they go, so you reach more people at a low cost.

HALO’s selection offers something for a variety of marketing needs. Small sewing kits are great for college students living on their own for the first time. Nail files and mirrors are smart choices for boutiques and salons. 

Custom Mirrors

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the Essentials LipSmooth Balm
Style Number: 8360-LIPB15 As low as $0.96 | SALE $0.72 View Details
Hot and Cold Gel Pak - Rectangle
Style Number: 7953-PC610 As low as $1.96 View Details
Large Emery Board – Full Color
Style Number: 3404-5108 As low as $0.40 View Details
Classic Emery Board
Style Number: 3404-5101 As low as $0.18 View Details
Moist Towelette Packet
Style Number: 4048-40184 As low as $0.27 View Details
Political Emery Board
Style Number: 3404-5141 As low as $0.28 View Details
Blood Pressure Guide and Record Keeper Chart
Style Number: 5410-KP7105 As low as $0.34 View Details
Medication Record Keeper Chart
Style Number: 5410-KP7123 As low as $0.34 View Details
Keyboard Wiz - Stretching for Your Health
Style Number: 5410-KW8001 As low as $0.37 View Details
Keyboard Wiz - Vision and Eye Exercises
Style Number: 5410-KW8002 As low as $0.37 View Details
Keyboard Wiz - Hand and Wrist Exercises
Style Number: 5410-KW8003 As low as $0.37 View Details
Keyboard Wiz - Stress Relief Exercises & Tips
Style Number: 5410-KW8004 As low as $0.37 View Details
Business Card Emery Board
Style Number: 3404-5244 As low as $0.44 View Details
Mini Bumper Sticker Shape Emery Board
Style Number: 3404-5109 As low as $0.44 View Details
Candy Cane Emery Board
Style Number: 3404-5236 As low as $0.54 View Details
Round Mirror
Style Number: 6115-7501 As low as $0.55 View Details
Oval Pill Box
Style Number: 5284-3575 As low as $0.59 View Details
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth and Pouch
Style Number: 6115-6242 As low as $0.59 View Details
Breast Cancer Awareness Pocket Slider Card
Style Number: 5410-PS2102 As low as $0.59 View Details
Pocket Slider - Good Nutrition
Style Number: 5410-PS2113 As low as $0.59 View Details
Pocket Slider - Good Nutrition (Spanish)
Style Number: 5410-PS2113S As low as $0.59 View Details
Disposable Tissue Packet
Style Number: 7953-PC185 As low as $0.61 View Details
Pocket First Aid Kit
Style Number: 4048-40011 As low as $0.62 View Details
2 Piece Ear Plug Pack
Style Number: 23052-2EP As low as $0.64 View Details
Nail File in Sleeve
Style Number: 6115-8703 As low as $0.65 View Details
Rectangular Mirror
Style Number: 6115-7500 As low as $0.65 View Details
Lint Stick
Style Number: 6115-7506 As low as $0.69 View Details
Round Pill Holder
Style Number: 6115-7540 As low as $0.69 View Details
Premium Lip Balm in White Tube
Style Number: 6115-LB0 As low as $0.70 View Details
Smile File Full-Color Thick Foam Nail File
Style Number: 6266-5402 As low as $0.78 View Details
Toothpick Dispenser
Style Number: 6489-TPD As low as $0.79 View Details
Microfiber Cloth with Case
Style Number: 3673-WPC-ML10 As low as $0.82 View Details
Full-Color Nail File Keychain
Style Number: 6266-5401 As low as $0.82 View Details
Lens Spray Cleaner Pen
Style Number: 3673-WPC-LK12 As low as $0.83 View Details
Tri-Minder Pill Box - 3 Compartment
Style Number: 5284-3583 As low as $0.83 View Details
Facial Tissue Pack
Style Number: 5954-4386 As low as $0.84 View Details
Breast Self Exam and Health Chart
Style Number: 5410-SC102 As low as $0.84 View Details
Antibacterial Toothbrush Holder
Style Number: 5284-3765 As low as $0.85 View Details
Full Color Thick Foam Nail File - 7 "
Style Number: 6266-5400 As low as $0.85 View Details
Diva™ Compact Mirror
Style Number: 5284-1640 As low as $0.87 View Details
Result1-40 of 152

About Custom Mirrors

Uses for Promotional Personal Care Products

HALO’s selection of personal care items helps keep your clients and customers looking and feeling their best. These thoughtful personal care items are useful everyday items they’ll keep in their vanity, bathroom, home, car or office. Because there are so many useful items to choose from, it’s helpful to break your plan down to who you’re marketing to and where your promo products will go.

Hair and Nail Salons, Spas & Beauty Supply Stores: Market to the beauty industry with simple products like custom compact mirrors and personalized nail files. Manicure kits make thoughtful giveaways, too. These items will help get your brand recognized by the salon or boutique’s staff and its patrons.

Hotels & Resorts: Think about personal care items that people often forget when traveling. Needing sunglasses or an eyeglass repair kit is an inconvenience that your customers can do without. They’ll remember your brand as the one that was there when they were in a pinch.

Hospitals & Health Care Facilities: Choose medical related items such as pill holders and hand sanitizer for guests at hospitals or doctors’ patients. Branded dental floss and toothbrush holders are smart choices for dentists’ offices.

Restaurants: From moist towelettes to branded toothpicks, your organization can make an impact at restaurants with personal care items, too. Servers can give the moist towelettes to every customer who orders ribs or other messy foods. Toothpicks can stay at the front of the restaurant with your brand and will be seen by every customer who walks in the door.

If you need help narrowing down your personal care options, discuss your marketing plan and budget with your HALO Account Executive. They’ll help you find the right items for your marketing mix.