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Promotional Hockey Items

Make your brand raise the heat on and off the ice with our custom hockey promotional products. An affordable way to shine the spotlight on your brand and support your next marketing campaign, HALO has the hockey items you need to score with fans and customers alike.

Coordinate team colors on custom hockey pennants, megaphones, puck stress relievers, noise makers, hair chalk, fan flags and more. Keep players and coaches hydrated with BPA-free sports water bottles and equipped with custom, 100% cotton sports towels for the locker room. With your logo on these handy items, your logo will get noticed on a daily basis- in the gym, stands, locker room and beyond.

For more creative ideas on how to use hockey promotional items, Contact your HALO Account Executive today.

Custom Promotional Hockey Items

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Medalist Jacket 2.0 - Adult
Style Number: 21878-4395  View Details
White Felt Pennant with 1" Sewn Strip - 4" x 10"
Style Number: 6639-11599 As low as $0.54 View Details
White Felt Pennant with 1" Sewn Strip - 5" x 12"
Style Number: 6639-11600 As low as $0.70 View Details
Hockey Puck Stress Reliever
Style Number: 3673-LSP-HK05 As low as $1.00 View Details
Hockey Puck Stress Reliever
Style Number: 7953-PL-0299 As low as $1.06 View Details
Full Color Paper Megaphone
Style Number: 3027-80-37000 As low as $1.22 View Details
White Felt Pennant with 1" Sewn Strip - 9" x 24"
Style Number: 6639-11610 As low as $1.43 View Details
Thunder Stick Noise Maker
Style Number: 8360-THNDRSTK-FC As low as $1.47 View Details
White Felt Pennant with 1" Sewn Strip - 12" x 30"
Style Number: 6639-11614 As low as $1.75 View Details
BIC Graphic® Mini Hockey Stick
Style Number: 4048-61675 As low as $3.80 View Details
Team 365™ Striped Pom Beanie
Style Number: 3440-TT122  View Details
Flag - 3' x 5'
Style Number: 6639-33330 As low as $43.50 View Details
Flag - 5' x 8'
Style Number: 6639-33334 As low as $119.18 View Details
Result1-13 of 13

About Custom Promotional Hockey Items

Promotional Hockey Products

Nothing brings a community together like cheering on their favorite sports team. Whether park district hockey for little kids, high school or college basketball, multiply brand impressions by adding your logo to HALO’s numerous promotional hockey items.

Consider the impact of providing sponsorship and hockey giveaways for a local team’s special game night. Outfit fans as they walk in with full color megaphones, rally towels, hair chalk or noisemakers to help cheer on the team. Decorate and give away hockey puck keychains or clear, soft loop shopper bags to encourage safety. Sponsor a raffle where one lucky recipient gets a customized sports duffle bag or striped pom beanie. Your brand will be marketed before and during and after the event.

Don’t forget showing appreciation and support to coaches and dedicated parents. Custom sports bottles, premium sports towels, duffel bags and backpacks are all valued items they’ll appreciate this season and into the next.

With the many creative ways to use HALO’s hockey giveaway items, current and potential customers will take notice of your brand, reminding them of your dependable service. Need more ideas? Contact your HALO Account Executive today.