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Promotional Garden Items with Your Logo

Grow your business with HALO’s personalized garden tools and promotional gardening gifts. Browse affordable thermometers, promotional rain gauges and practical everyday lawn & garden products. They’ll give your brand a down-to-earth platform to promote your message. Use them to cultivate relationships with prospects and existing clients.

HALO’s selection of promotional lawn products are great for anyone that sells products or services related to agriculture. Other industries can benefit from promotional lawn tools, too. Custom yard signs, for example, are ideal for promoting political campaigns and sidewalk sales. Interested in making promotional garden tools and lawn products work in your next campaign? Ask your HALO Account Executive for suggestions.

Custom Promotional Garden Tools

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Oval Panel Rain Cone
Style Number: 103415-10030 As low as $3.71View Details 
Magnum Indoor Outdoor Thermometer - 15"
Style Number: 7224-300 As low as $5.41View Details 
Weather Guard Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer
Style Number: 7224-180 As low as $3.98View Details 
Full Color Magnum Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer - 15"
Style Number: 7224-300FC As low as $8.15View Details 
Large Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer - 20"
Style Number: 7224-375 As low as $7.99View Details 
Rain Gauge Thermometer
Style Number: 7224-855 As low as $4.38View Details 
Rock Spare Key Holder
Style Number: 106850-UT222KR As low as $2.80View Details 
Eco-Friendly Promo Planter - 2 Pack
Style Number: 3027-07002 As low as $4.29View Details 
Outdoor Thermometer
Style Number: 7224-100 As low as $4.22View Details 
Slender Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer with Suction Cups
Style Number: 7224-250 As low as $2.58View Details 
Panorama Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer with Suction Cups
Style Number: 7224-260 As low as $4.08View Details 
Panorama Full Color Thermometer with Suction Cups
Style Number: 7224-260FC As low as $4.72View Details 
Sprinkler Rain Gauge
Style Number: 7224-830 As low as $1.69View Details 
Dew Drop Rain Gauge
Style Number: 7224-835 As low as $2.30View Details 
Full Color Dew Drop Rain Gauge
Style Number: 7224-835FC As low as $2.89View Details 
Green Wave Jr. Rain Gauge
Style Number: 7224-837 As low as $2.24View Details 
Green Wave Rain Gauge
Style Number: 7224-847 As low as $3.97View Details 
Garden Tool Bag
Style Number: 8932-GTB As low as $24.99View Details 
Full Color Water Drop Rain Gauge
Style Number: 7224-845FC As low as $3.93View Details 
Stainless Steel Pocket Thermometer - 5"
Style Number: 6639-641 As low as $7.04View Details 
Magnifying Rain Gauge
Style Number: 6639-880 As low as $6.50View Details 
Collapsible Flower Vase
Style Number: 34256-AIO-FPV As low as $0.79View Details 
3-Piece Flower Pot Set
Style Number: 7953-PL-5010 As low as $1.98View Details 
Sunflower In A Can
Style Number: 7953-PL-3896 As low as $1.98View Details 
4-Piece Goofy Face Pot Set
Style Number: 7953-PL-5014 As low as $2.39View Details 
Indoor Outdoor Flower Thermometer with Suction Cups
Style Number: 7224-251 As low as $3.88View Details 
Herb Garden Set
Style Number: 7953-PL-5013 As low as $3.98View Details 
Full Color Weather Guard Thermometer with Mounting Bracket
Style Number: 7224-180FC As low as $4.59View Details 
Green Wave Full Color Rain Gauge
Style Number: 7224-847FC As low as $4.62View Details 
Magnum Full Color Thermometer - 20"
Style Number: 7224-375FC As low as $11.12View Details 
Full Color Thermometer - 8 1/2"diam.
Style Number: 6639-522 As low as $11.14View Details 
Full Color Thermometer - 12 3/4"diam.
Style Number: 6639-520 As low as $14.72View Details 
Result1-32 of 32

About Custom Promotional Garden Tools

About Promotional Gardening Gifts & Lawn Products

Rather than bringing the campaign to the garden, sometimes you can bring the garden to the campaign. Applying a garden or lawn theme to your campaign can help everything have a cohesive look and ensure that every dollar spent makes sense. It’s important to tie every product to your overall strategy.

If you’re having a “sizzling summer sale”, it makes sense to use promotional thermometers. They’re a memorable way to promote the “hottest” prices to your customers. Thermometers are used every day and provide a lot of brand exposure. HALO’s selection of thermometers includes window display and indoor/outdoor models featuring your logo for advertising that displays your brand 365 days a year! They are especially great for food and beverage companies, HVAC companies and drug companies where prescriptions need to be kept at a particular temperature.

When the forecast calls for a sales incentive campaign, rain gauges can be a fun tie-in. Promotional rain gauges measure rainfall and sprinkler water and are great for garden supply centers, plant stores, nurseries, natural gas companies, Ag-related manufactures like fertilizer and seed companies, farms and insurance companies. Even people in drier climates make use of these handy tools. When water authorities limit usage, homeowners can stay within the limit by measuring hose or sprinkler use.

Whether your company intends to saturate the market or kick up the heat on your next promotion HALO has the promotional garden tools to keep your brand’s sales hot in any climate.