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How to Use Personalized Travel Bags for Sales Incentive Trip Programs 

There’s nothing like an incentive trip to motivate your sales team to achieve their goals. Implementing an incentive trip campaign can be one of the smartest moves to incentivize salespeople to succeed and compete against one another to win a spot on the passenger list to a glamorous destination.

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Many sales managers know the secret of dangling this carrot in front of salespeople’s eyes – entice them with images of white-sand beaches, glamorous night life and limelight luxuries, and then tell them what they must do to reach for the brass ring.

The best way to kick off an incentive trip campaign is by giving personalized bags to each member of your sales team. These custom duffel bags should be screen-printed or embroidered with your company’s logo and campaign slogan or theme – for example (your company logo) “Success on the Sea” 2014 Caribbean Cruise.

Personalized Travel Bags are Kept and Used for Years

These personalized travel bags serve multiple purposes. They will not only incentivize your sales team toStyle #:  7287-30379101 outperform each other, but these bags will also be appreciated by your team who will use them intheir everyday lives – even if they don’t win the trip.

Additionally, every time your sales team member carries his custom duffel bag or personalized travel bag, your company receives free advertising. In this way, custom duffel bags and personalized travel bags act as walking billboards, accruing countless impressions everywhere your sales team goes.

Custom duffel bags and personalized travel bags are gifts that keep on giving because they make your sales team members feel special and cared for. There’s no better or more cost-effective incentive to motivate your sales team and instill an attitude of gratitude at the same time.

Choose the Appropriate Fabric for Your Custom Duffle Bags

Style #:  7287-WA-7953-02F00Since you are buying personalized travel bags for an incentive trip, consider purchasing higher-end styles in the premium category to match the glamour of the destination.

Fabrics for this promotional product range from polyester at the lower end to heavy ballistic nylon at the higher end. Product care varies by material type, and specific instructions should be reviewed before cleaning.


A variety of decoration methods are available.  Choose between the following options:

  • screen print 
  • deboss/emboss
  • embroidery 
  • heat transfer

Personalized travel bags are ideal for overnight trips and business travel, too. They often include a large main compartment, multiple storage pockets, shoulder strap, carry handles, shoe tunnel and wheels. So even if a sales team member doesn’t win the trip, they will enjoy using your branded bags every time they travel – giving your business a walking billboard.

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