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Infographic: Pitching to Pet People — How Companies Sell to Dogs, Cats & Their People

Whether you're a dog person, a cat person, a bird person or a lizard person, it doesn't really matter. Sure, each type of pet has its differences, but for marketers, that's only half the picture. The infographic below explains some of the differences between dog and cat owners as well as what unites both types of pet lovers. 

Infographic: Pitching to Pet People | HALO Branded Solutions

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Pitching to Pet People

How Companies Sell to Dogs, Cats & Their People

Are you a “cat person” or a “dog person”? What if we told you that they’re not really that different from one another? It might surprise you to learn, but some trains are evident in all pet owners. With more than $53 billion spent on pets annually, marketing professionals are paying close attention to your differences and similarities while vying for your dollar.

You’re Social

Dogs – Stars of the Sidewalk

A study from the University of Texas at Austin found that dog owners were 15% more extroverted than cat owners.

Common traits include:

-          Outgoing

-          Enthusiastic

-          Positive

-          Energetic

How Marketers Can Use This:

Branded promotional products that are used in crowds:

-          Leashes

-          Dog shirts

-          Fleece jackets for the owners

-          Frisbees and dog toys

-          Water bowls/bottles

Cats & Dogs – Social Media Butterflies

A survey by Mars Petcare U.S. found that 65% of pet owners post about their animal friends an average of 2x per week on social media.

#catsofinstagram has over 43 million posts.

#cats has nearly 37 million posts.

#dog has over 110 million posts.

#dogs has over 33 million posts.

How Marketers Can Use This:

Pet-themed promotional items that are easily photographed and used in daily life make for great social media posts:

-          Coffee mugs

-          Pet toys

-          Photo frames

-          Pet beds

You’re Smart

Cat owners are 11% more open-minded than dog owners, according to University of Texas at Austin research.

-          Curious

-          Artistic

-          Creative

Dog owners do great in a crowd. The same study found that dog owners tend to be:

-          Agreeable

-          Sociable

-          Affectionate

How Marketers Can Use This:

Appeal to sense of duty and loyalty by offering recurring donation programs and pet supplies subscription plans.

You Enjoy Company

Pet owners have similar motives for investing in a pet. It’s all about friendship.

Dog owners seek a constant companion. A study of 600 college students published in Pyschology Today found 38% of dog owners were seeking companionship in life.

Cat people are OK with less interaction in exchange for more affection. The same study found 46% of cat owners were seeking affection from their pet.

How Marketers Can Use This:

Showcase social interaction in all media advertising: Use snuggles and cuddles in imagery with cats, and play and loyalty in imagery with dogs.

Host pet events, highlighting them as the stars.

9 out of 10 pet owners say their pet is a part of their family. Marketers should depict them as such.

Humanize pets to drive purchases.

Offer products like pet insurance and home safety products that help safeguard an emotional investment.

You Love Your Pet

The most important similarity between dog and cat owners? They feel attached to their furry friend.

A study published in the Preventive Veterinary Medicine journal found that over 90% of pet owners expressed a very high level of attachment to their pets.

How Marketers Can Use This:

Appeal to an altruistic desire to help others. Use imagery that revolves around affectionate intereaction and loving exchanges.

Looking at the facts, it’s no surprise that marketers appeal to pet people in advance of their needs and on an emotional level. Be it dog or cat owners, pet people are planners who display a range of empathy and self-discipline, all while respecting knowledge and the ability to be informed on their pet purchases.



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