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  • The Ace Hardware Foundation has worked with HALO for more than 10 years. HALO has always been a great resource for our promotional product needs. Their commitment to quality and timeliness is uncompromising. Our hope is that HALO and their sales team will continue to be a valued partner for the Ace Foundation for years to come.

    Ace Hardware Foundation

  • HALO's solutions are unique. Our Account Executive doesn't just provide us with products, he provides us with concepts that provide a complete solution for every project. Everything runs smoothly and HALO keeps us in the loop from start to finish with no gaps in communication.

    Wildwell Control

  • HALO Branded Solutions has been a fantastic partner. Not only are they quick to respond, but their attention to detail and ability to offer creative solutions is unmatched. They are my first and only call when I have any promotional needs. I've used other vendors in the past, but HALO has been the only one who consistently delivers.

    National Theme Park

  • HALO's team approach to problem solving was refreshing. Whether it was marketing material or product selection, they seemed to have an expert for anything we needed to make our program a success.

    Raynor, Inc.

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Promotional Snacks

Offer a tasty treat recipients will remember with promotional snacks.

Logo Snack Gifts

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Custom Assorted Lollipops
Style Number: 71685-CLP As low as $0.19View Details 
Individually Wrapped Hard Candies
Style Number: 71685-IWHC As low as $0.19View Details 
Custom Wrapped HERSHEY’S® Miniatures
Style Number: 71685-HM-1 As low as $0.59View Details 
Animal Crackers Snack Bag
Style Number: 71685-PS-AC1 As low as $0.89View Details 
Individually Wrapped Granola Bar
Style Number: 71685-CWGB As low as $1.04View Details 
Single Serve Hot Chocolate Mix Packet
Style Number: 71685-CHC As low as $1.10View Details 
Lifesavers® Candy Roll with Custom Wrapper
Style Number: 71685-FRLS-FRT As low as $1.28View Details 
Microwave Popcorn Flat
Style Number: 9172-POP01 As low as $1.33View Details 
Full Color Header Bag with Trail Mix - 1 oz
Style Number: 71685-HB-TM1 As low as $1.37View Details 
Single Serve Coffee Cup with Full Color Sleeve
Style Number: 71685-KCSL As low as $1.79View Details 
Slide Tin with Mini M&M’s®
Style Number: 71685-GT-5 As low as $2.11View Details 
Rectangle Shortbread Cookie with Imprinted Icing
Style Number: 9172-CGFP As low as $2.20View Details 
Gemmies® in Clear Tube with Silver Cap
Style Number: 71685-LGCBT-8 As low as $3.21View Details 
Cookies & Cream Gourmet Popcorn Gift Bag
Style Number: 71685-EBBCC As low as $5.75View Details 
Classic Butter Popcorn Tin - 1 qt.
Style Number: 71685-QT-8 As low as $6.12View Details 
Movie Snack Box
Style Number: 71685-CTMP As low as $6.45View Details 
Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie Tin
Style Number: 71685-HQT-9 As low as $7.28View Details 
Stacked Present with Pistachios and Chocolate Covered Peanuts
Style Number: 71685-STPR-ST1 As low as $7.75View Details 
Clear Gift Box with HERSHEY’S® KISSES® and Bow
Style Number: 71685-GBSMB-HKS As low as $8.55View Details 
Ballpark Snacks Tin
Style Number: 71685-1QTCP As low as $9.18View Details 
Chocolate Covered Oreo® Cookies Gift Box
Style Number: 71685-EOB5-NPM As low as $10.55View Details 
Contemporary Glass Jar with Pistachio Nuts
Style Number: 71685-10CJ-PST As low as $11.36View Details 
Glass Mason Jar with HERSHEY’S® KISSES®
Style Number: 71685-MSJR16-HKS As low as $12.10View Details 
Campfire S’mores Kit - Small
Style Number: 71685-SMKS As low as $12.33View Details 
Utz Sourdough Pretzel Nuggets in Snack Barrel - 52 oz
Style Number: 5954-U8131 As low as $13.50View Details 
Utz Special Pretzel Snack Barrel - 28 oz
Style Number: 5954-U8340 As low as $13.50View Details 
Utz Country Pretzel Stix Snack Barrel - 32 oz
Style Number: 5954-U8600 As low as $13.50View Details 
Glass Status Jar with M&M’s®
Style Number: 71685-SG12-MNM As low as $14.55View Details 
3-Way Gourmet Popcorn Tin with Handle - 1/2 gal.
Style Number: 71685-RT507 As low as $15.05View Details 
Gourmet Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Style Number: 71685-HPSD-CHD As low as $15.05View Details 
Utz Party Mix Snack Barrel - 30 oz
Style Number: 5954-U5160 As low as $15.25View Details 
Gourmet Butter Popcorn Tin with Handle - 1 gal.
Style Number: 71685-RT1006 As low as $15.45View Details 
Buttery Popcorn Tub - 1 gal.
Style Number: 4490-POP-10BP As low as $16.24View Details 
Gourmet Pretzels Luxury Gift Box
Style Number: 71685-SNS As low as $16.30View Details 
3-Way Gourmet Popcorn Tin with Handle - 1 gal.
Style Number: 71685-RT1007 As low as $16.60View Details 
Savory & Sweet Gourmet Popcorn Tin with Handle - 1/2 gal.
Style Number: 71685-RT514GP As low as $19.95View Details 
Pistachio Nut Tin
Style Number: 71685-RT111P As low as $21.06View Details 
Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie Tin - 8  oz
Style Number: 71685-RT222MC As low as $21.29View Details 
Ice Cream Sundae Kit
Style Number: 71685-GTSL-5 As low as $21.30View Details 
King Size Cookie Tin
Style Number: 9172-GT3-G As low as $22.25View Details 
Result1-40 of 63

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