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Marathon & Running Promotional Items

Promotional walks and runs give your message a step in the right direction. For fast-track incentives, marathon gifts and giveaways shop our selection of marathon promotional items. When organizing a walk or run, you need to consider promotional items for everyone involved, including volunteers, participants and sponsors.

HALO has running promotional items that will help keep participants feeling good throughout the race. Ask about affordable water bottles, pedometers and t-shirts that you can give out with every registration.

Looking for incentive items for donors or recognition for big sponsors? Ask your HALO Account Executive about incentives and recognition gifts that recipients will appreciate long after the event is over.

Marathon & Running Promotional Items

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Reflective Safety Slap Bracelet
Style Number: 6219-1892  View Details
Gel Bead Hot/Cold Pack
Style Number: 3027-43180  View Details
Hi Viz Pink Unisex Vest
Style Number: 5357-S762P  View Details
Shark Aqua Bead Hot/Cold Gel Therapy Pack
Style Number: 3673-WHF-FG12  View Details
Round Aqua Pearls Hot/Cold Gel Therapy Pack
Style Number: 3673-WHF-RA14  View Details
Full Color Header Bag with Trail Mix - 1 oz
Style Number: 71685-HB-TM1  View Details
Polysure™ Spirit Bottle - 22 oz.
Style Number: 5284-4350  View Details
Valve Lid Sports Bottle - 32 oz.
Style Number: 5599-PB32V  View Details
Angled Top-View Step Counter Pedometer
Style Number: 3673-WHF-SH10  View Details
Shoe Wallet
Style Number: 4048-40617  View Details
Bent Top-View Step Counter Pedometer
Style Number: 3673-WHF-AW13  View Details
Top View Step Counter Pedometer
Style Number: 3673-WHF-DT01  View Details
Heart-Shaped Step Counter Pedometer
Style Number: 3673-WHF-HH10  View Details
Front-View Step Counter Pedometer
Style Number: 3673-WHF-FF08  View Details
Sleek Step Counter Pedometer
Style Number: 3673-WHF-UG11  View Details
Plush Hot/Cold Pack
Style Number: 3673-WHF-PP15  View Details
3-in-1 Mini Phone Fan
Style Number: 3673-WCP-PF18  View Details
Gym Shoe Bling Keytag
Style Number: 6219-756  View Details
Round Multifunction Pedometer
Style Number: 3673-WHF-RS11  View Details
Clear Multifunction Pedometer
Style Number: 3673-WHF-CV06  View Details
Sporty Shoe Light
Style Number: 4770-SPORTLT  View Details
ID Clip Step Counter Pedometer
Style Number: 3673-WHF-DC10  View Details
Tritan™ Sports Bottle - 24 oz.
Style Number: 5599-TXB93D  View Details
Large Screen Easy Read Step Counter Pedometer
Style Number: 3673-WHF-ER11  View Details
Adult Poncho
Style Number: 6115-7740  View Details
Multifunction Pedometer with Removable Clip
Style Number: 3673-WHF-FC09  View Details
Top-View Multifunction Solar Pedometer
Style Number: 3673-WHF-SL07  View Details
Antimicrobial Gym Towel - 24"W x 15"H
Style Number: 22118-TRU-24CF  View Details
Widescreen Easy Read Multifunction Pedometer
Style Number: 3673-WHF-WW09  View Details
Arctic Aluminum Sports Bottle - 24 oz.
Style Number: 3468-SB007  View Details
Medium Profile Value Trucker Cap
Style Number: 6115-1035  View Details
Result1-40 of 59

About Marathon & Running Promotional Items

Marathon & Running Promotional Items

Arranging a walk or run can be the perfect way to mobilize people for your cause and help participants get in shape. Running events and marathons test your limits and promote physical wellness. Marathons can be found in many communities across the country. While organizing our event, remember to incorporate marathon promotional items into your marketing budget. 

Running promotional items are ideal as registration gifts. Participants can use the items during the race, and while on runs in the future. These include items such as pedometers and lace reflectors as well as lightweight, drawstring bags, earbuds and water bottles. Sunblock and bug spray are also thoughtful additions that runners would appreciate on race day. Consider post-race items, too, like hot/cold gel packs and healthy snacks for recovery.

Other marathon promotional items may be more appropriate for donors and volunteers instead of the participants. Remember to give everyone a t-shirt promoting the event – distinguish apparel by giving different colors to volunteers and participants. Offer incentives for donors. Consider providing tiered incentives, so the larger the donation, the better the gift. Incentive gifts can range from ball caps and tote bags with your organization's logo to jackets and Bluetooth speakers.