The Really Big 2016 Promotional Marketing Calendar

National Marketing Events for April Through June 2016

It’s February! Time to start planning your April promotions.

April Focus: Spring Promotions: Spring has sprung, and now is the time to get your customers in the mood for spring sales. Let them know of spring promotions with seed mailers or grow some appreciation with spring themed products such as umbrellas, rain gauges and ponchos.

April Awareness Months: Show you care by supporting one of these causes: National Autism Awareness (Autism Society), Child Abuse Prevention (Prevent Child Abuse America), Alcohol Awareness (National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence)

Stress Awareness Month: It’s probably no coincidence that Stress Awareness Month is the same month as tax day and follows many companies’ end of fiscal year. Stress relievers may be a little too obvious here, but consider using a clever, brand relevant shape (mascot, logo, etc.) to add a little something extra for your marketing efforts.

April 3rd: Beginning of Baseball Season: April 3rd is the official start of baseball season! Local baseball teams are always looking for support from local businesses. Sponsoring a Little League team and providing jerseys and caps really shows your involvement in the community. Find a fun and creative way to incorporate your brand into the game day experience.

Week of April 4th – 10th –National Public Health Week: Help build a nation of safe, healthy communities. To help walking and biking coexist with cars and public transportation, hand out bike and pedestrian safety items, or promote the use of public transportation with bus shaped products.

April 11th – National Pet Day: This day celebrates pets and promotes pet adoption from shelters. So what does this have to do with you? 46 million households own a dog and 7.4 million households own a cat, so it’s a safe bet that a good portion of your customer base are pet owners.

Week of April 19th/April 22nd—Administrative Professionals Week/Day: Give your administrative staff a fun or high perceived value gift for their desktop to remind them every day that they are appreciated. It si an excellent internal branding opportunity.

April 22nd—Earth Day: Is an opportunity for businesses to promote their eco-friendliness. Promotional products are n excellent way to promote that message and keep it in front of your customers, employees and community long after Earth Day.

It’s March! Time to start planning your May promotions.

May Focus: Getting Ready for Summer: May signals that spring has sprung and summer is quickly approaching. People have emerged from hibernation to begin enjoying the great outdoors again. Several promotional opportunities in May focus on taking advantage of warm weather activities. Now is a good time to get ready for summer events by ordering promotional apparel.

May Events—Golf Tournaments: According to the National Golf Federation, there are 28.6 million golfers in the U.S., and it is no secret that many of those golfers do business while playing. Golf promotional products like tees, balls, towels or kits can help you build relationships on the course and in the clubhouse.

May Awareness Months: Show you care by supporting one of these causes: Arthritis Awareness (Arthritis Association), ALS Awareness (ALS Association), National Asthma/Allergy (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America).

National Barbeque Month/National Beef Month: Fire up the grill, it’s that time of year. Celebrate one of summer’s great activities – barbequing – and one of its key ingredients – beef. Whether you are holding a barbeque for employee or customer appreciation or participating in a barbeque event, it’s a fun opportunity to promote your business.

Family Wellness Month: Family Wellness Month was created to stress the importance of healthy lifestyle habits in the family. An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle, so create promotions around families enjoying the warmer spring weather together. Encourage people to play outside with flying disks, balls and water bottles to quench the thirst that all of that activity is going to cause.

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month: Regular physical activity is good for everyone’s health, and people of all ages and body types can be physically active. Spread the word about the benefits by hosting a community event where families can be active and learn about more family-friendly fitness activities.

Week of May 6th-12th /May 6th—Nurses Week/Day: Nurses Week/Day is a great opportunity to recognize the important role that nurses play in healthcare. For those in the healthcare industry, recognizing your nurses’ hard work in a meaningful way can reduce turnover and help attract qualified candidates. Consider gifts they can use in their personal life including picnic blankets or carry-all totes.

May 28th—Memorial Day: Memorial Day is a day set aside to honor those who have sacrificed their lives to defend our country. If you are participating in Memorial Day activities in your community, consider handouts that are crowd pleasers including hand fans, sun block or t-shirts.

It’s April! Time to start planning June promotions.

June Focus

Fun in the Sun: Summer officially arrives in June, and with it comes the sun and plenty of outdoor activities. Whether you are looking to get more of that summer foot traffic or have a great event to promote, June offers plenty of opportunities to heat up your promotional marketing efforts. Be sure to stock up on outdoor promotional products such as coolers, water bottles, can coolers, chairs, beach towels and sunscreen.

June Awareness Months: Show you care by supporting one of these causes: PTSD Awareness Month (National Center for PTSD), Cataract Awareness Month  (American Optometric Association)

June Events

Awareness Walks and Runs: Promotional walks and runs give your message a step in the right direction. Arranging a walk or run can be the perfect way to mobilize people for your cause and help participants get in shape. Running events and marathons test your limits and promote physical wellness.

National Safety Month: Safety programs are important and can save businesses a large amount of money. Promotional products are the ideal way to communicate your "safety first" message as a program kick-off gift, to create awareness or reward employees. Add a caring touch by promoting Home Safety, School Safety and Auto Safety. A few good generic ideas include flashlights, reflectors or first aid kits.

Great Outdoors Month: Warmer weather means more people will be enjoying the great outdoors. Place your brand in their hand with promotional products that fit right in with outdoor activities such as lighters, grilling utensils, cooler bags and umbrellas. A multi-tool is a handy item to give away because you just never know what could happen in the great outdoors.

National Dairy Month: Two words: Ice. Cream. Nothing says summer like this frozen dairy treat. You could surprise your employees with a treat or have a customer appreciation event. Then serve it with logoed bowls, spoons, cups, mugs - anything that can hold ice cream. If you want to get fancy with your dairy, there are cheese board sets complete with knives and cheese.

National Candy Month: National Candy Month is a sweet opportunity to bring a smile to everyone’s face with candy. Well, maybe not dentists. But a creative dentist can still use this as an opportunity to bring awareness to the dangers of eating too much candy with toothbrushes or toothbrush holders.

National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month: Employees are the most valuable assets to any company, and healthy employees are better performing workers, with lower absenteeism and health care costs. Encourage healthy eating habits with imprinted salad to-go containers, fresh fruit water infusers and veggie brushes.

June 6th—National Gardening Day: Gardening day is an obvious promotional choice for retail home improvement stores and green houses, but any business can bring out the green thumb in their customers. Browse gardening themed gifts gardening themed gifts such as garden tool bags, herb garden sets, collapsible vases and seed pens.