The Really  BIG  2016 Promotional Marketing Calendar Marketing Calendar

National Marketing Events for June through August 2016

It's April! Time to start planning June promotions.


Fun in the Sun: Summer officially arrives in June, and with it comes the sun and plenty of outdoor activities. Whether you are looking to get more of that summer foot traffic or have a great event to promote, June offers plenty of opportunities to heat up your promotional marketing efforts.Be sure to stock up on outdoor promotional products such as coolers, water bottles, can coolers, chairs, beach towels and sunscreen.

June Awareness Months: Show you care by supporting one of these causes: PTSD Awareness Month (National Center for PTSD), Cataract Awareness Month (American Optometric Association Month).    

June Events

Awareness Walks and Runs:  Promotional walks and runs give your message a step in the right direction. Arranging a walk or run can be the perfect way to mobilize people for your cause and help participants get in shape. Running events and marathons tests your limits and promote physical wellness.

National Safety Month: Safety programs are important and can save businesses a large amount of money. Promotional products are the ideal way to communicate your "safety first" message as a program kick-off gift, to create awareness or reward employees. Add a caring touch by promoting Home Safety, School Safety and Auto Safety. A few good generic ideas include flashlights, reflectors or first aid kits.

Great Outdoors Month: Warmer weather means more people will be enjoying the great outdoors. Place your brand in their hand with promotional products that fit right in with outdoor activities such as lighters, grilling utensils, cooler bags and umbrellas. A multi-tool is a handy item to give away because you just never know what could happen in the great outdoors.

National Dairy Month: Two words: Ice. Cream. Nothing says summer like this frozen dairy treat. You could surprise your employees with a treat or have a customer appreciation event. Then serve it with logoed bowls, spoons, cups, mugs - anything that can hold ice cream. If you want to get fancy with your dairy, there are cheese board sets complete with knives and cheese.

National Candy Month: National Candy Month is a sweet opportunity to bring a smile to everyone’s face with candy. Well, maybe not dentists. But a creative dentist can still use this as an opportunity to bring awareness to the dangers of eating too much candy with toothbrushes or toothbrush holders.

National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month: Employees are the most valuable assets to any company, and healthy employees are better performing workers, with lower absenteeism and health care costs. Encourage healthy eating habits with imprinted  salad to-go containers, fresh fruit water infusers and veggie brushes.

June 6th—National Gardening Day: Gardening day is an obvious promotional choice for retail home improvement stores and green houses, but any business can bring out the green thumb in their customers. Browse gardening themed gifts gardening themed gifts such as garden tool bags, herb garden sets, collapsible vases and seed pens.

It's May! Time to start planning July promotions.

July Focus

Made in the USA: Summer is in full swing, and at the top of the month is everyone’s favorite patriotic holiday. Show your national pride at community events by giving away promotional products made in the USA. Magnets, Koozies®, decals, key tags and coloring books are just a few of the many crowd favorites made right here in the USA.

July Awareness Months: Show you care by supporting one of these causes: Eye Injury Prevention (US Dept. Health & Human Services), Fireworks Safety Month (Prevent Blindness America)

July Events

Outdoor Events: July is packed with community and outdoor events such as festivals, parades, bike rides and runs looking for sponsorship. Support your community and organization by promoting outdoor events with promotional advertising. T-shirts, flyers, can coolers, coolers and folding chairs are perfect for co-branding events and sponsorships.

National Ice Cream Month: Nothing says summer like this frozen dairy treat. Host a social for the community or reward employees on a hot day. Make your event extra special with commemorative spoons or bowls.

UV Safety Month: Start a goodwill campaign that drives awareness for preventing UV exposure with imprinted sunscreen, caps, visors, sunglasses and umbrellas. These products will give your brand great exposure while protecting your audience from the harmful effects of the sun.

July 4th—Independence Day: Everyone will be celebrating in some way, shape or form. Any product that is red, white and blue will fit right in with any Independence Day promotion you may hold or event that you are participating in or sponsoring. Also consider using promotional products that are made in the USA. Seeing a “Made in China” sticker can dampen the mood during this patriotic holiday.

It's June! Time to start planning August promotions.

August FOCUS

School Spirit: Show support for your community’s sports programs and your community will support you. Promote school spirit with sports schedule magnets, stadium blankets, pom-poms, rally towels, and stadium cups. Go Team!    

August Awareness Months: Show you care by supporting one of these causes: Immunization Awareness (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), Spinal Muscular Atrophy (Families of SMA)


August Events

State Fairs: A majority of the country’s state fairs happen in August or soon after. Having a presence at the fair or sponsoring an event is an opportunity to reach people from across your state and beyond. Giveaways could include temporary tattoos for the kids or kitchen accessories for the adults.

Back to School: If you want to market to parents, you should do something for their kids and back-to-school season is a great time to do just that. Bags and accessories like key tags or lanyards are used in and out of the classroom. To reach the college crowd, tech accessories like chargers, stands, or cases will find permanent spots in dorm rooms. Students still take notes, so pens, pencils and highlighters are always welcome and appreciated.

Pick a National Food Day: The month of August is home to over 25 food related holidays including Watermelon Day, Pecan Torte Day and Waffle Day. With so many choices, you’re sure to find a food day that fits your brand’s personality and a promotional product to go with it.

National Beach Month: Families are looking to squeeze in that last vacation before school starts, and the beach is a popular destination. Arm them with sunglasses, beach towels, totes, sunscreen and flip-flops for plenty of exposure for your brand.

August 5th—International Beer Day: If beer is part of your business model, then what better day to promote what you do? Create a customer loyalty program with promotional tankards, beer steins, and bottle openers or promote the holiday with banners and coasters.

August 19th—National Aviation Day: Celebrated on August 19th each year, which happens to be Orville Wright's birthday. Former president Franklin D. Roosevelt was the creator of National Aviation Day to celebrate the growth and advancements being made in aviation. Let your brand take flight with aviation themed promotions.

August 31st—National Dog Day: It's estimated that 70-80 million dogs are owned in the United States. Why is this important to your business? It’s safe to bet your customer base contains more than a few dog lovers and a great way to reach them 365 days a year is with a branded dog themed calendar. If puppy calendars aren't for you, try using dog washing kits or pet bag dispensers.

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