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Promotional Medical and Healthcare Items

Whether a dental office, medical center, hospital or outpatient center; no matter where you help people heal or prevent disease, leave numerous brand impressions with useful promotional items. From exercise cards, toothbrushes, stress relievers and sanitizing wipes to first aid kits and digital thermometers, HALO has you covered.

Outfit your staff with healthcare items that will keep them healthy and energized, such as our pedometers, mini hand sanitizers and water bottles. Consider choosing giveaways for your patients, encouraging them to pursue a healthy lifestyle and safe environment. Keep your brand front and center with hot/cold gel therapy packs, emergency kits or pill cases.

Need help deciding what promotional items are best for your organization? Contact your HALO Account Executive today.

Promotional Medical & Healthcare Items

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Keyboard Wiz - Vision and Eye Exercises
Style Number: 5410-KW8002 As low as $0.36 View Details
Keyboard Wiz - Hand and Wrist Exercises
Style Number: 5410-KW8003 As low as $0.36 View Details
Keyboard Wiz - Simple Stress Relief
Style Number: 5410-KW8004 As low as $0.36 View Details
Coloring Book - Let’s Go to the Doctor
Style Number: 5410-CB1002 As low as $0.50 View Details
Coloring Book - Feel Good! Eat Healthy!
Style Number: 5410-CB1005 As low as $0.50 View Details
Coloring Book - Feel Good! Eat Healthy! (Spanish)
Style Number: 5410-CB1005S As low as $0.50 View Details
Coloring Book - My Visit With a Police Officer
Style Number: 5410-CB1006 As low as $0.50 View Details
Coloring Book - Fitness is Fun
Style Number: 5410-CB1008 As low as $0.50 View Details
Coloring Book - Fitness is Fun (Spanish)
Style Number: 5410-CB1008S As low as $0.50 View Details
Coloring Book - When to Call 9-1-1
Style Number: 5410-CB1122 As low as $0.50 View Details
Coloring Book - Learn About EMTs and Emergencies
Style Number: 5410-CB1141 As low as $0.50 View Details
5 Piece Original Bandage Dispenser
Style Number: 4048-40071 As low as $0.61 View Details
5 Piece Nuvo Bandage Dispenser with Standard Bandages
Style Number: 4048-40466 As low as $0.61 View Details
Round Pill Holder
Style Number: 6115-7540 As low as $0.69 View Details
Toothpaste Winder
Style Number: 5271-TW48 As low as $0.75 View Details
Square Retractable Badge Reel and Holder - 30"
Style Number: 6266-RBR11 As low as $0.79 View Details
7-Day Med Minder Pill Case
Style Number: 5284-3560 As low as $0.87 View Details
Junior Toothbrush
Style Number: 9021-HL-810 As low as $0.88 View Details
Sleep Eye Mask
Style Number: 5271-SEM73 As low as $0.95 View Details
Sanitizer Wipe Pouch
Style Number: 7953-PC190 As low as $0.97 View Details
Swanky™ Stethoscope Pen
Style Number: 7953-PL-1291 As low as $0.99 View Details
Canister Sanitizing Wipes
Style Number: 7953-PC180 As low as $0.99 View Details
Cozy Clip Hand Sanitizer - 1/2 oz.
Style Number: 3673-WSA-CZ10 As low as $1.00 View Details
Better Book - Health Organizer and Med-Tracker
Style Number: 5410-BB9560 As low as $1.02 View Details
Travel Hand Sanitizer Gel Bottle with Carabiner - 1 oz.
Style Number: 4490-ABL6100 As low as $1.06 View Details
Instant Care Kit&tade;
Style Number: 5284-3515 As low as $1.07 View Details
Therapeutic Hot/Cold Gel Pack - 4" Round
Style Number: 6115-9467 As low as $1.09 View Details
Clip-It Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer - 1 oz.
Style Number: 3673-WSA-CL15 As low as $1.10 View Details
Gel Hand Sanitizer with Silicone Holder - 1 oz.
Style Number: 3673-WSA-GG11 As low as $1.12 View Details
Lip Moisturizer Cube
Style Number: 6115-9280 As low as $1.15 View Details
Gel Bead Hot/Cold Pack
Style Number: 3027-43180 As low as $1.16 View Details
Personal Medication List Organizer
Style Number: 7224-825 As low as $1.16 View Details
Blood Pressure Register
Style Number: 7224-825BP As low as $1.16 View Details
Antibacterial Wet Wipes - 10-Pack
Style Number: 1165-VL2007 As low as $1.19 View Details
Reusable Hot and Cold Pack
Style Number: 6115-9460 As low as $1.25 View Details
Capsule Stress Reliever
Style Number: 7953-PL-0241 As low as $1.25 View Details
On-the-Go First Aid Kit
Style Number: 5599-GK2A As low as $1.27 View Details
Collapsible Hand Sanitizer - 1 oz.
Style Number: 7953-PL-0591 As low as $1.31 View Details
First Aid Box
Style Number: 5599-FA16 As low as $1.35 View Details
Brighton Heathered Eyeglass Pouch
Style Number: 6115-6247 As low as $1.35 View Details
Result1-40 of 117

About Promotional Medical & Healthcare Items

Promotional Medical and Healthcare Items

Place your organization on the front lines of health prevention while expanding your brand reach. Promoting wellness shows your employees and patients you take a genuine interest in their health.

Have a waiting room? Add your brand message to wellness items for these areas. Customize coloring books for the kids, and strategically place pump bottles of antimicrobial hand sanitizer. Promotional wrapped, custom mints with your logo are a nice touch for the reception desk or nurses station and will keep your brand on their minds.

Show patients you care by giving away promotional medical and healthcare items. Consider a “new patient” welcome first aid or health and wellness kit.

Remember your healthcare staff and medical professionals with custom gifts to express your appreciation for all their hard work. Affordable options may include a Scrubs Notebook with Swanky Stethoscope Pen, Aqua Pearls Hot/Cold Gel Therapy Wrist Rest, help them get their needed rest with a sleep eye mask or design a custom water bottle to encourage daily hydration.

Contact a HALO Account Executive to help you find budget-friendly, creative ideas that will get your brand noticed.