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Nurses Week Gifts in Bulk

Nurses are often the unsung heroes of any successful healthcare clinic, hospital or school. Reward their hard work while maximizing impressions by gifting useful promotional items. Any time of year- but especially during Nurses Week- is the right time to show your appreciation.

Our selection of Nurses Week promotional items include everything from Post-it® notes shaped like scrubs, custom coffee mugs and bandage dispensers to sleep masks, health care professional bendy pens and health awareness products. For nurses on the go, add your logo to a collapsible trunk organizer or Travel Mate toiletry bag.

Show the nurses in your workplace how much you care with HALO’s promotional products. Need help planning a special event for Nurses Week or gifts for the nurses in your life? Contact your expert HALO Account Executive today.

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5 Piece Original Bandage Dispenser
Style Number: 4048-40071 As low as $0.61 View Details
5 Piece Nuvo Bandage Dispenser with Standard Bandages
Style Number: 4048-40466 As low as $0.61 View Details
Disposable Tissue Packet
Style Number: 7953-PC185 As low as $0.61 View Details
Primary Care™ Bandage Dispenser
Style Number: 5284-3500 As low as $0.65 View Details
Large Shirt Post-it® Notepad - 25 Sheet
Style Number: 9124-DC66G325 As low as $0.68 View Details
Bandage Dispenser with Color Bandages
Style Number: 5284-3503 As low as $0.75 View Details
Bandage Dispenser with Pattern Bandages
Style Number: 5284-3505 As low as $0.75 View Details
Medium Foot Post-it® Notepad - 50 Sheet
Style Number: 9124-DC107G2502 As low as $0.80 View Details
Large Scrub T-Shirt Post-it® Notepad - 50 Sheet
Style Number: 9124-DC66G350 As low as $0.96 View Details
Instant Care Kit&tade;
Style Number: 5284-3515 As low as $1.07 View Details
Therapeutic Hot/Cold Gel Pack - 4" Round
Style Number: 6115-9467 As low as $1.09 View Details
Pocket Eco-Note Keeper
Style Number: 7953-PL-3756 As low as $1.12 View Details
Gel Bead Hot/Cold Pack
Style Number: 3027-43180 As low as $1.15 View Details
BIC® WideBody® Color Grip Pen
Style Number: 4048-CSWBCG As low as $1.19 View Details
Personal First Aid Kit
Style Number: 5599-FA23 As low as $1.20 View Details
Sun Care Kit™
Style Number: 5284-3519 As low as $1.25 View Details
On-the-Go First Aid Kit
Style Number: 5599-GK2A As low as $1.29 View Details
First Aid Box
Style Number: 5599-FA16 As low as $1.35 View Details
Grab N Go Sun Kit
Style Number: 5599-GK3A As low as $1.44 View Details
Reusable Hot and Cold Pack
Style Number: 6115-9460 As low as $1.45 View Details
Ribbon Hot/Cold Pack
Style Number: 3673-WHF-RB16 As low as $1.49 View Details
Aqua Pearls Hot/Cold Gel Therapy Wrist Rest
Style Number: 3673-WHF-WR14 As low as $1.62 View Details
Mini Canister of Antibacterial Wipes
Style Number: 7953-PL-1803 As low as $1.65 View Details
Travelers First Aid Kit
Style Number: 5284-3510 As low as $1.75 View Details
Eco Spiral Notebook and Pen
Style Number: 9021-SM-3468 As low as $1.99 View Details
13-Piece Safety Kit
Style Number: 5599-FA344 As low as $1.99 View Details
Mini First Aid Cinch Bag
Style Number: 5599-DS551 As low as $2.05 View Details
Express Outdoor Kit
Style Number: 5599-HSK5A As low as $2.05 View Details
Express Office Kit
Style Number: 5599-HSK8A As low as $2.05 View Details
Can of Antibacterial Wipes
Style Number: 7953-PL-1802 As low as $2.12 View Details
10 Piece First Care Kit
Style Number: 4048-40343 As low as $2.33 View Details
Male Health Care Professional Bend A Pen
Style Number: 3027-55120 As low as $2.34 View Details
Female Health Care Professional Bend A Pen
Style Number: 3027-55121 As low as $2.34 View Details
Insulated Non-Woven Lunch Tote and Poly Board Insert - 8" x 12"
Style Number: 3529-Y2KC812 As low as $2.35 View Details
Redi Travel Aid Kit
Style Number: 5284-1630 As low as $2.55 View Details
Fashion First Aid Kit
Style Number: 9363-A786 As low as $2.55 View Details
9 Piece Compact First Aid Kit
Style Number: 4048-40044 As low as $2.57 View Details
Translucent Zippered First Aid Pouch
Style Number: 5599-FAZ53 As low as $2.65 View Details
Antibacterial Wet Wipes with Resealable Pouch
Style Number: 7953-PL-1801 As low as $2.84 View Details
11 Piece First Aid Wallet
Style Number: 4048-40049 As low as $2.87 View Details
Result1-40 of 58

About Shop Now

Promotional Products for Nurses Week

Nurses offer many selfless services for many people in various locations; including schools, healthcare centers/hospitals, nursing and assisted living homes, in-home health, hospice, rehab centers and even large corporations now employ them for their employees. Wherever they roam, they work hard and deserve our gratitude!

For Nurses Week, consider hosting an appreciation event. Stock up on nurses promotional products such as pocket sanitizers, first aid pocket charts, sleep masks, spa items or mini-hot/cold packs to give away. What nurse doesn’t need a pen in their pocket at all times? We have promotional pens, perfect for those busy day or night shifts.

Display your brand on an insulated lunch tote or brushed aluminum sports bottle with carabiner clip and give to school nurses in your community. For nurses who roam to different healthcare locations, home care or hospice; your logo on a custom duffel bag, collapsible trunk organizer or backpack will help them stay organized while the move.

With every promotional item you customize and gift to a hard-working nurse, you are increasing the reach of your brand, generating leads and showing your gratitude for their service at the same time. Need ideas? Contact your HALO Account Executive today.