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Custom Folding Chairs & Promotional Chairs

Show support for your favorite team with promotional seat cushions, custom megaphones and other items sports fans will love. Sporting events give promotions amped up exposure that’s delivered in a fun and festive arena. HALO’s promotional sporting event items are great budget-friendly buys. Fans will proudly display your logo for all to see when it’s on seat cushions, pom poms and other products in their team’s colors.

Deliver your message at high school sports games to rally support for your brand’s niche market. Sports events draw fans from all flocks, and local games are an excellent way to show your support for the community. Want to tackle a bigger audience? Kick off your next marketing campaign at universities and big league sports games.

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Folding Tripod Stool with Carrying Bag
Style Number: 6115-7043 As low as $7.59 View Details
Folding Chair with Carrying Bag
Style Number: 6115-7070 As low as $16.39 View Details
the Essentials SoccerMom Field Seat
Style Number: 6115-7052 As low as $32.94 | SALE $21.43 View Details
Good Value® Two-Tone Captain’s Chair
Style Number: 4048-26088 As low as $23.06 View Details
Ice River Expandable Soft-Sided 16-Can Cooler
Style Number: 6852-BG738 As low as $24.41 View Details
Koozie® Backpack Cooler Chair
Style Number: 4048-26097 As low as $26.99 View Details
Backpack Cooler and Chair Combo
Style Number: 1165-GR4602 As low as $30.99 View Details
Koozie® Kamp Chair
Style Number: 4048-26121 As low as $34.23 View Details
Greenwood 24-Can Camo Cooler Chair
Style Number: 1165-GR4606 As low as $34.99 View Details
BIC Graphic® Premium Stripe Chair
Style Number: 4048-15567 As low as $35.51 View Details
Koozie® Kamp Hammock
Style Number: 4048-26127 As low as $39.99 View Details
Air Sofa
Style Number: 8360-SOFA-AIR As low as $44.07 View Details
Deluxe Padded Folding Chair with Carrying Bag
Style Number: 6115-7055 As low as $48.69 View Details
The Deluxe Folding Chair
Style Number: 4048-45388 As low as $51.31 View Details
Ventura Reclining Seat with Armrests
Style Number: 1474-618-00 As low as $55.75 View Details
Reclining Camp Chair
Style Number: 1474-803-00 As low as $65.57 View Details
Folding Sports Chair with Side Table
Style Number: 1474-809-00 As low as $73.95 View Details
Folding Picnic Table with Four Seats
Style Number: 1474-811-00 As low as $106.13 View Details
Result1-18 of 18

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Promotional Chairs - A Worthwhile Investment



Custom chairs are stand up promotional products that appeal to a variety of industries and demographics. Reward or thank clients and employees with promotional chairs to motivate and inspire lasting relationships. Give them to valuable clients at trade shows, golf outings and sporting events.

You’ll see your logo turning up at all the hot spots. People use promotional folding chairs while lounging on the shoreline, soaking up sun at the beach, roasting marshmallows around the campfire, grilling up a BBQ feast in the backyard and tailgating. No matter where life takes them, they’ll be enjoying themselves in the company of friends, family and of course your brand. 

In many cases, your screen-printed logo can be added to the chair back or front and even the chair is carrying case. Full color imprints and embroidery may be an option, too. Discuss your decoration options with your HALO Account Executive. They’ll help you find something that fits your budget and makes your logo pop.

Something your customers would actually use makes a valuable and memorable gift. Your clients and employees would usually spend at least $25 when purchasing a folding chair. It’s a gift that will make a lasting impression. Because of their perceived value, chairs also make great raffle prizes.

Promotional chairs can also be used at your own company events. Instead of renting unbranded chairs, spend the money on chairs that you can use in the future and help spread your brand message. Whether you give them away or use them at company events, promotional chairs are a worthwhile investment.