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Promotional Towels

Promotional towels come in various sizes, colors and fabrics to fit many marketing needs. They range from small giveaway towels to custom woven beach towels. Even the smallest rally towel offers a large imprint area for your logo and brand message. By offering a towel, you eliminate sizing, gender and age specifications. You can appeal to a large demographic with a single item.

Branded towels can fit any sporting, fitness, beach, spa or party promotion. Provide participants at your next company golf outing with towels that attach directly to their golf bags. Appeal to sports fans at the next big game with an affordable rally towel supporting everyone’s favorite team. If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift, choose an extra-large, heavyweight beach towel.

Promotional Towels

personalized beach towels
Lightweight, mid-weight and heavyweight, extra large beach towels
promotional golf towels
Promotional golf towels and towel holders
promotional ralley towels & sports towels
Promotional rally towels and sports towels in various sizes.
About Promotional Towels

Types of Promotional Towels

Promotional towels can give your brand long-lasting impressions. They’re useful and durable enough to last for decades. Consider the towels in your home. Many towels begin as a go-to beach towel or bath towel, and as time goes on they stick around. Even after they’ve outlived their primary use, towels are kept to dry off pets and wash the car. Your brand has an opportunity to spread its message for years after the original distribution.

Which towels should you choose for your next promotion?

Rally Towels are an inexpensive choice for mass distribution. They’re ideal for large events such as sports games, walks and runs. Fans will be excited to receive the towel and proudly wave them (with your logo) during the event. Remember to incorporate a bold team message to encourage repeat use after the initial distribution.

Golf Towels make a thoughtful thank you gift to golf outing participants. They often include a clip for easy attachment to golf bags. Many can also be personalized for each individual golfer. Ask your HALO Account Executive about personalization options that fit your needs. Golf towels also make nice additions to larger golf-themed gifts. Pair them with golf balls and tees for a fun package. Include your logo on every piece for additional brand exposure.

Beach Towels offer the largest imprint area of any towel, and one of the largest in promotional products overall. If you’re in the hospitality industry, add your logo to towels in every room and at the pool. Also, consider giving promotional beach towels as gifts for long-term clients or spa customers. Like golf towels, beach towels make nice additions to larger gift baskets, too. Welcome honeymooners to your resort with a basket including your branded extra-large, heavyweight beach towels, a bottle of champagne and strawberries.