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Promotional Frisbees

Aim for soaring sales with custom printed flyers featuring your bold full color or screen printed logo. Promotional flying discs are a hit at nearly any event - adding an elevated level of fun and excitement to your next campaign. With a low price point and high fun factor - you can afford to increase your brand exposure at your next event. Attendees will enjoy the gesture whether their up for a casual game of toss or an intense tournament. Rest assured this budget-friendly brand builder will help you take out the competition and deliver sky-high results.

Logo flying discs make an excellent addition to corporate outings, picnics, BBQs, camping events and more! The whole family can enjoy this promo gift! Ask your HALO Account Executive for flyer options appropriate for your audience.

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Eco-Friendly Mini Flyer - 5"
Style Number: 5599-FLY5  View Details
Flying Zing Ring - 9 5/8"
Style Number: 5599-ZRING  View Details
Compact Flying Disc - 7 1/4"
Style Number: 5599-FLY7  View Details
Eco-Friendly Flyer - 9"
Style Number: 5599-FLY9R  View Details
Transparent Flyer - 9"
Style Number: 5599-FLY9T  View Details
Confetti Flyer - 9"
Style Number: 3027-45930  View Details
Sun Fun Color-Changing Flyer - 9"
Style Number: 3027-45935  View Details
Football Fun Flinger
Style Number: 3673-WOR-FB12  View Details
Military Fun Flinger
Style Number: 3673-WOR-FM12  View Details
Shark Fun Flinger
Style Number: 3673-WOR-SH12  View Details
Result1-10 of 10

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Opportunities with Promotional Flying Discs

The sky is really the limit with promotional flying discs or flyers. They’re great promotional pieces for pet stores, animal shelters, humane societies, fitness centers, sports stores, and camping supply stores. Because they’re so affordable, they can serve as a simple giveaway at large events or a fun bag stuffer as a “thank you for shopping” gift.  Your brand will get repeat exposure every time the recipient uses the flying disc.

Promotional flyers come in an array of colors to match any brand logo or marketing campaign design. There are various sizes and styles, too. Some products offer a Full Color photo imprint for truly personalized gifts. Consider adding your company photo and distributing the discs at the next corporate picnic. Flyers with personal photos on them make great gifts at class and family reunions, too. Discuss your options with your HALO Account Executive to find a flyer that fits your budget. If pets or children will use your logo flying discs, remember to ask for products that meet the appropriate requirements for pet and child safety.