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Promotional Seat Cushions & Megaphones

Show support for your favorite team with promotional seat cushions, custom megaphones and other items sports fans will love. Sporting events give promotions amped up exposure that’s delivered in a fun and festive arena. HALO’s promotional sporting event items are great budget-friendly buys. Fans will proudly display your logo for all to see when it’s on seat cushions, pom poms and other products in their team’s colors.

Deliver your message at high school sports games to rally support for your brand’s niche market. Sports events draw fans from all flocks, and local games are an excellent way to show your support for the community. Want to tackle a bigger audience? Kick off your next marketing campaign at universities and big league sports games.

Custom Seat Cushions & Megaphones

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Best Seller HALO Bestie Bottle - 26 oz.
Style Number: 43051-0331 As low as $1.49 | SALE $1.35View Details 
Best Seller Titleist® Pro V1 Golf Ball
Style Number: 22645-T2025C As low as $59.63 | SALE $54.53View Details 
Best Seller Two-Tone Promo Shades
Style Number: 2849-SG100 As low as $1.29 | SALE $0.83View Details 
Sunscreen Lotion Pocket Pack - SPF 15
Style Number: 103415-40351 As low as $0.97View Details 
AdWave Balloons
Style Number: 22382-260IS As low as $0.25View Details 
Mini Hand Fan
Style Number: 5410-HF3305 As low as $0.34View Details 
Divot Repair Tool
Style Number: 6489-DVF As low as $0.38View Details 
Stock Shape Hand Fan
Style Number: 5410-HF3300 As low as $0.40View Details 
Tall Tees - Pack of 4
Style Number: 6489-GTP4T As low as $0.46View Details 
White Felt Pennant with 1" Sewn Strip - 4" x 10"
Style Number: 6639-06064 As low as $0.51View Details 
Universal Soda Can Lid™
Style Number: 5284-1300 As low as $0.52View Details 
Crystal Clear Soft Loop Shopper Bag
Style Number: 3529-19SL12126 As low as $0.54View Details 
White Felt Pennant with 1" Sewn Strip - 5" x 12"
Style Number: 6639-06242 As low as $0.66View Details 
Full Color Paper Megaphone
Style Number: 3027-80-37000 As low as $0.66View Details 
Fluted Stadium Cup - 17 oz.
Style Number: 3027-70216 As low as $0.75View Details 
Glow-in-the-Dark Stadium Cup - 17 oz.
Style Number: 3027-70517 As low as $0.75View Details 
Pom Pom with Rectangular Handle - 500 Streamers
Style Number: 6639-50800 As low as $0.77View Details 
Contour Handle Pom - 500 Streamers
Style Number: 6639-60810 As low as $0.77View Details 
Police Shape Whistle
Style Number: 5404-MI1090 As low as $0.78View Details 
Style Number: 5599-MEGA8 As low as $0.82View Details 
DigiSave Fan
Style Number: 5410-HF3312 As low as $0.82View Details 
Mood Stadium Cup - 22 oz.
Style Number: 3027-71122 As low as $0.85View Details 
Confetti Mood Stadium Cup - 17 oz.
Style Number: 3027-71317 As low as $0.85View Details 
Emoji Hand Fan
Style Number: 5410-HF3307 As low as $0.90View Details 
Pom Pom with Stick Handle - 500 Streamers
Style Number: 6639-10331 As low as $0.92View Details 
Single-Use Fabric Event Wristband
Style Number: 8360-EVENT-SS As low as $0.93View Details 
Round Handheld Plastic Rally Fan - 7 3/4" x 13 1/4"
Style Number: 5695-1041 As low as $0.95View Details 
Square Handheld Plastic Rally Fan - 8" x 13"
Style Number: 5695-1042 As low as $0.95View Details 
Pom Pom with Rectangle Handle - 500 Streamers
Style Number: 6639-50658 As low as $0.97View Details 
On-the-Go Stadium Cup with Straw - 20 oz.
Style Number: 5599-SC20LS As low as $0.99View Details 
Therapeutic Hot/Cold Gel Pack - 4" Round
Style Number: 6115-9467 As low as $0.99View Details 
Paw Keep-It™ Clip
Style Number: 5284-425 As low as $1.01View Details 
Gel Bead Hot/Cold Pack
Style Number: 3027-43180 As low as $1.02View Details 
Big Squeeze Bottle- 32 oz.
Style Number: 6489-32-BIG As low as $1.05View Details 
Woven Event Band
Style Number: 8360-EVENT-WOV As low as $1.07View Details 
Metal Whistle with Domed Imprint
Style Number: 8806-AMW-PI1 As low as $1.08View Details 
Golf Tee & Tool Kit
Style Number: 6489-GTP42T As low as $1.09View Details 
Full Color Stadium Cup - 17 oz.
Style Number: 3027-80-70017 As low as $1.10View Details 
Twist N Chill Fan
Style Number: 6489-TNC As low as $1.10View Details 
Sport Beach Ball - 9"
Style Number: 55675-SBB9 As low as $1.13View Details 
Result1-40 of 186

About Custom Seat Cushions & Megaphones

Adding Team Logos to Promotional Seat Cushions, Megaphones & Sports Memorabilia

Getting your brand in the stands of local and professional sporting events is a great way to be recognized by large groups of people. Promotional seat cushions, custom megaphones and other sports memorabilia is loved by fans everywhere. Before you add your favorite team’s logo to your custom seat cushions, it’s important to ask for permission. 

For high schools and other local teams, getting permission to use a logo can be as simple as contacting the school or park district. Local sporting events may be smaller than professional games, but focusing on this niche group can help you make a large imprint on your community. University level and higher sports games draw thousands of fans. These teams usually have a licensed logo, team name and/or slogan. Make sure you have an agreement before using any licensed materials or contact your local HALO Account Executive to find out how to obtain approval.

Whether you’re targeting a local audience or a huge crowd, HALO has the promotional sporting event products that aim to please. Build excitement at games and gift shops with our popular sporting event items complete with your custom logo.