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Promotional Stadium Blankets & Picnic Blankets

Promotional stadium blankets and custom picnic blankets extend a warm and welcome thanks to potential customers, existing clients and employees. They are thoughtful gifts perfect for school spirit, holidays, and hospital patients. Browse HALO’s various styles, sizes and materials to find a blanket right for you.

Many of the promotional blankets in HALO’s selection can be easily rolled into self-contained carrying case. It’s easy to transport custom stadium blankets from game to game. If your recipients will use a picnic blanket for outdoor events, browse options with one water-resistant vinyl side. Users will enjoy not getting wet, and they’ll have your brand to thank.

Promotional Stadium & Picnic Blankets

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the Essentials Comfort-N-Carry Blanket
Style Number: 7953-LT-3618 As low as $9.99 | SALE $7.02 View Details
Fleece Travel Blanket
Style Number: 6115-7012 As low as $7.99 View Details
Roll-Up Picnic Blanket
Style Number: 6115-7026 As low as $8.99 View Details
Good Value® Shoulder Strap Picnic Blanket – 52" x 47"
Style Number: 4048-26082 As low as $8.99 View Details
Ribbed Fleece Blanket
Style Number: 1165-GR5102 As low as $9.50 View Details
Roll-Up Picnic Blanket
Style Number: 5599-SB47P As low as $9.75 View Details
Sweatshirt Roll-Up Blanket
Style Number: 6115-7027 As low as $10.25 View Details
The Park Blanket
Style Number: 9021-SM-7700 As low as $10.49 View Details
Fleece Stadium Blanket
Style Number: 6115-7018 As low as $10.99 View Details
Playful Plaid Picnic Blanket
Style Number: 4629-BK0101 As low as $10.99 View Details
Chenille Blanket
Style Number: 6115-7029 As low as $11.99 View Details
Koozie® Field Blanket – 50" x 60"
Style Number: 4048-26104 As low as $12.99 View Details
Fleece Blanket with Whipstitch Edging
Style Number: 1165-GR5103 As low as $13.49 View Details
Plaid Picnic Blanket
Style Number: 6115-7032 As low as $13.99 View Details
Fringed Knit Scarf
Style Number: 112808-40160 As low as $14.50 View Details
Picnic Blanket with Carry Strap - 48" x 57"
Style Number: 1165-GR5100 As low as $16.50 View Details
Reversible Picnic Blanket with Carry Case
Style Number: 6115-7030 As low as $16.50 View Details
Challenger Lambswool Throw Blanket - 30” x 45”
Style Number: 112808-20549 As low as $18.00 View Details
Knit Stadium Scarf
Style Number: 8360-STADSCRF-KA As low as $18.01 View Details
Soft Touch Velura™ Throw – 50" x 60"
Style Number: 22118-ST5060 As low as $18.20 View Details
Game Day Stadium Blanket
Style Number: 66887-1080-06 As low as $18.98 View Details
Microfiber Throw Blanket - 50" x 60"
Style Number: 112808-20521 As low as $19.50 View Details
BIC Graphic® Water Resistant Picnic Blanket – 50" x 60"
Style Number: 4048-26118 As low as $19.99 View Details
Travel Quillow Pillow Throw
Style Number: 112808-40165 As low as $21.25 View Details
Sweatshirt Blanket
Style Number: 112808-40246 As low as $22.80 View Details
Micro-Plush Fleece Blanket
Style Number: 1165-GR5104 As low as $22.99 View Details
Good Value® Cozy Blanket – 51" x 69"
Style Number: 4048-26087 As low as $23.00 View Details
Velura™ Travel Quillow
Style Number: 112808-40167 As low as $23.20 View Details
Vista Outdoor Blanket
Style Number: 1474-821-00 As low as $23.25 View Details
Good Value® Two-Tone Sherpa Blanket - 50" x 60"
Style Number: 4048-26094 As low as $23.49 View Details
Oversized Microfiber Throw Blanket - 60" x 70"
Style Number: 112808-20532 As low as $24.50 View Details
Good Value® Super-Soft Plush Blanket – 50" x 60"
Style Number: 4048-26093 As low as $25.39 View Details
PRO Vision™ Plush Throw – 60" x 50"
Style Number: 22118-FOTO-PLUSH As low as $38.75 | SALE $25.50 View Details
Challenger Lambswool Throw – 50" x 60"
Style Number: 22118-20488 As low as $27.20 View Details
Challenger Lambswool Throw Blanket - 50" x 60"
Style Number: 112808-20488 As low as $28.00 View Details
Cabin Throw - 60"x70"
Style Number: 112808-20559 As low as $28.00 View Details
Thank You Microfiber Throw Blanket
Style Number: 112808-20312 As low as $28.00 View Details
The Cabin Throw
Style Number: 22118-CABIN As low as $28.20 View Details
Puffy Blanket
Style Number: 6115-7016 As low as $29.99 View Details
Corduroy Lambswool Throw
Style Number: 22118-CORD5060 As low as $33.20 View Details
Result1-40 of 55

About Promotional Stadium & Picnic Blankets

Types of  Promotional Blankets

A blanket is a versatile item that appeals to many audiences for a variety of uses. They have a high-perceived value making them great gifts for anyone you want to see your brand message. Users will associate your brand with the warmth and comfort your promotional blanket provides. When choosing your personalized blankets, start with how you think your audience will use them.

Travel-friendly custom stadium blankets are great for sporting events and outdoor activities. Most come in self-contained pouches or carrying bags with handles for easy transport and storage. They tuck nicely into a bag and unroll to full size. Stadium blankets are perfect for keeping in the car or packing as a compact carry-on for the plane.

Most custom picnic blankets and reversible blankets come with water-resistant nylon or PVC backing to keep them from getting damaged by moisture or dirt when laid on the ground. It also keeps whoever is sitting on the blanket dry and clean. Browse reversible options for snuggly soft, brushed fleece interiors with durable, water resistant cases that conveniently fold and zipper shut for travel.

If you’re not sure how your audience will use the blanket, it’s best to stick with something generic. Browse HALO’s blanket selection for various material options including polyester, fleece and chenille. Also, consider size and decoration options that fit your budget and campaign needs. Blankets can either be screen printed or embroidered. Talk to your HALO Account Executive to determine which blankets are best for you.