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Promotional Beach Balls & Custom Sports Balls

Make a lasting impression at the next sports event you sponsor with a promotional ball. HALO offers promotional balls in nearly every popular sport include baseball, football, basketball and volleyball. Encourage teams to use your custom balls as warmup balls or give them to fans as a thank you for their support.

Promotional sports balls are a nice way to show your support of local teams with a "Go Team!" message next to your logo. Consider giving a ball to new clients and prospects, every time they play with it they’ll see your logo and anyone playing will see it, too. If you’re looking to garner attention from the audience at a sporting event or concert, add your logo to promotional beach balls. Toss them randomly throughout the crowd and watch as numerous participants engage with your brand trying to keep the ball from dropping.


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Mini Synthetic Leather Soccer Ball - Size 1
Style Number: 55675-MSB1 As low as $7.53 View Details
Two-Toned Beach Ball - 16"
Style Number: 55675-TT16 As low as $1.31 View Details
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Types of Promotional Beach Balls & Custom Sports Balls
Whether you want your next promotion to be a slam dunk or a homerun, HALO has the promotional sports ball for you. Discuss your marketing campaign plans with your HALO Account Executive to help determine which type of promotional ball is right for your campaign.
Athletic teams of all levels are always looking for warmup balls; this is a great way for your brand to reach players and coaches. Athletic apparel companies, physical trainers, and sports beverage distributors can all benefit from the additional exposure warmup balls can give them. Even if your company isn’t directly related to athletics, you can still gain new customers through promotional sports balls. Teams are always looking for places to eat after games, hotels to stay at for away tournaments, and transportation to and from competitions. Reaching out to local teams can introduce your brand to many new faces.
For an inexpensive option that will reach a mass audience, consider smaller toy balls or inflatable custom beach balls. Inflatables are nice for traveling, too… just keep them deflated until you arrive at your destination to avoid extra baggage. Browse HALO’s promotional beach balls for high quality vinyl and other durable materials so you can reuse the balls at future events. If you’re giving them away as a gift, they take up minimal space in goodie bags so you have more room for other items. When they do inflate the ball, your logo will be boldly displayed on the spacious imprint area.
Promotional balls are fun and interactive. No matter what type of ball you choose, you can almost guarantee that multiple people will touch it. Any time it is thrown or caught, an extra set of eyes will see your logo.

When purchasing promotional balls remember to check for compliance with U.S. regulations to ensure they are safe, especially if being used by children or animals. Ask your HALO Account Executive if you have any questions on regulation requirements.