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Promotional Golf Tees & Golf Balls

Whether you’re trying to reach avid golfers or amateur players, we’ve got the promotional golf items you need to put together a hole-in-one tournament, campaign or promotion.

Golfers attending your next company outing give up their time and money to contribute to your cause. Make it worth their time and show your appreciation with customized kits including promotional golf tees, balls and other items they’ll love to use next time they’re on the green.

Promotional golf items are great choices for holiday and recognition gifts, too. Every time they tee off, they’ll remember your brand for the thoughtful present. To make a lasting impression, browse HALO’s selection of brand-name golf products and apparel. 

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 Bulk Tall Golf Tees - 2 3/4"
Style Number: 6489-234T As low as $0.09 View Details
Bulk Extra Tall Golf Tees - 3 1/4"
Style Number: 6489-314T As low as $0.10 View Details
Divot Repair Tool
Style Number: 6489-DVF As low as $0.38 View Details
Tall Tees - Pack of 4
Style Number: 6489-GTP4T As low as $0.48 View Details
Mini Golf Ball Marking Pen
Style Number: 106850-GM9100 As low as $0.87 View Details
Tall Golf Tee 10 Pack - 2 3/4"
Style Number: 6489-GTP10T As low as $0.99 View Details
4" x 4" Golf Ball-Shaped Adhesive Notepad - 25 Sheets
Style Number: 109902-SN25-12 As low as $1.04 View Details
BIC Graphic® 4-1 Golf Tee Value Packet
Style Number: 4048-60488 As low as $1.08 View Details
Divot Fixer with Ball Marker
Style Number: 6489-DVFBM As low as $1.16 View Details
Golf Tee & Tool Kit
Style Number: 6489-GTP42T As low as $1.28 View Details
4 Plus Tees & Divot Repair Kit
Style Number: 6489-GTP42P As low as $1.36 View Details
Tee Off Medalist Pack
Style Number: 4048-60794 As low as $1.36 View Details
4 in 1 Golf Tee Packet - 2 3/4" Tee
Style Number: 4048-60989 As low as $1.39 View Details
Towel Hound™ Golf Towel Holder with Carabiner Clip - Spot Color
Style Number: 8021-5260WOT As low as $1.62 View Details
Dri Mark® Triple Golf Ball Marking Pen
Style Number: 106850-GM9300 As low as $1.67 View Details
BIC Graphic® Poker Chip Ball Marker
Style Number: 4048-61986 As low as $1.68 View Details
Towel Hound™ Golf Towel Holder with Carabiner Clip - Full Color
Style Number: 8021-30060 As low as $1.72 View Details
Snap-It Tin with Sugar-Free Mints
Style Number: 4490-404 As low as $1.73 View Details
Nickel Finished Divot Repair Tool
Style Number: 6489-BTL-R As low as $1.79 View Details
Golf Tees Pack with Quarter Marks and Divot Tool
Style Number: 4048-61302 As low as $2.11 View Details
Golf Ball Cleaning Pouch
Style Number: 5284-3882 As low as $2.19 View Details
Golf Ball and Silicone Carabiner
Style Number: 23052-SCGB As low as $2.27 View Details
Gametime!® Golf Ball Drawstring Backpack
Style Number: 7953-BG154 As low as $3.02 View Details
Corn Plastic Golf Tees with Cotton Pouch
Style Number: 1165-GR3200 As low as $3.25 View Details
Hemmed Lightweight Soft Touch Golf Towel - 18"W x 15"H
Style Number: 22118-TRU-18CG As low as $3.25 View Details
Toddy ICE Cooling Wrap 700 Series - Small
Style Number: 103941-ICEI701 As low as $4.15 View Details
Golf Divot Tool with Ball Marker
Style Number: 4048-62253 As low as $4.52 View Details
Pitchfix Magnetic Ball Marker Hat Clip
Style Number: 6489-PFHC-FD As low as $4.57 View Details
 Mid-Weight Golf Towel - 25"W x 16"H
Style Number: 22118-TRU25CG As low as $4.58 View Details
Woodbury™ Round Golf Tag
Style Number: 7953-LG-9066 As low as $4.77 View Details
Small Microfiber Waffle Golf Towel - 15" x 18"
Style Number: 22118-MW-18CG As low as $4.92 View Details
7-in-1 Golf Tool
Style Number: 6489-GOLFTOOL As low as $5.20 View Details
Hat Clip with Ball Marker
Style Number: 4048-61249 As low as $5.36 View Details
Golfer's Pal Kit with Tournament Amenities
Style Number: 9363-A59630 As low as $5.55 View Details
Magnetic Divot Repair Tool with Ball Marker
Style Number: 4048-61160 As low as $5.80 View Details
Good Value® Rugged 7-In-1 Golf Tool
Style Number: 4048-62447 As low as $6.03 View Details
5-in-1 Aluminum Multi-Function Divot Repair Tool in Velour Pouch
Style Number: 4048-61164 As low as $6.24 View Details
Mesh Golf Shoe Bag
Style Number: 4048-61183 As low as $6.63 View Details
Toddy ICE Cooling Wrap - 12" x 32"
Style Number: 103941-ICEI702 As low as $6.95 View Details
Crosstown Side-Mesh Shoe Bag
Style Number: 6115-3107 As low as $7.39 View Details
Result1-40 of 88

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Using Promotional Golf Items at Your Company Tournament



Company golf outings and tournaments offer numerous opportunities for getting your brand noticed. When organizing the event, tie promotional products into your sponsorship packages. Sponsor money can go towards co-branded promotional golf balls, tees and bags. This will generate brand awareness for you and your sponsors so they’ll see value in supporting your cause every year. Similarly, you can add your logo to prizes used in raffles and the silent auction.

Show attendees that you appreciate them with a thoughtful gift bag. Include personalized golf balls, promotional golf tees and t-shirts. This will help get your brand noticed by dozens of people and secure attendees for next year, too.

Special events throughout the golf outing will make your event stand out among others. Try hosting a hole-in-one, closet to the pin, longest drive or putting contest. Reward winners with big-ticket promotional golf items like brand name golf ball packs or tools and free admission to next year’s tournament.