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BBQ Promotional Items

Managing an outdoor meal has never been so stylish or so much fun. Give your clients, employees and potential customers something they’ll enjoy time and again with HALO’s promotional BBQ items and picnic products. Company picnics, tailgating parties, and outdoor community events are all fantastic reasons to pick up picnic promotional items and BBQ essentials.

HALO has something for every budget, too. Browse affordable aprons and water bottles for tighter budgets. If your budget has more wiggle room, consider convenient coolers, grill sets and deluxe BBQ utensils. Promotional picnic baskets can also be filled with additional products to make a premium gift or raffle prize. Ask your HALO Account Executive for ideas on creating a comprehensive branded gift basket.

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Universal Soda Can Lid™
Style Number: 5284-1300 As low as $0.54 View Details
Colored Cap Sunscreen Spray Pen - .27 oz.
Style Number: 3673-WSA-SS12 As low as $1.07 View Details
the Essentials Kitchen On The Go
Style Number: 103941-HBS010 As low as $1.93 | SALE $1.13 View Details
Ice Cream Scoop-It™
Style Number: 5284-1330 As low as $1.15 View Details
Cheers 4-in-1 Beverage Opener
Style Number: 1165-VR1001 As low as $1.29 View Details
Reusable Plastic Party Cup - 16 oz.
Style Number: 3468-TM25 As low as $1.33 View Details
Foldable Water Bottle with Matching Carabiner - 18 oz
Style Number: 6266-6536 As low as $1.45 View Details
Sun Fun Color-Changing Flyer - 9"
Style Number: 3027-45935 As low as $1.55 View Details
Folding Water Bottle with Handle - 25 oz
Style Number: 1165-KW2302 As low as $1.59 View Details
Bug Repellant Wipes
Style Number: 3027-80-43901 As low as $1.60 View Details
Dog Tag Bottle Opener Keytag
Style Number: 6219-856 As low as $1.61 View Details
Small Silicone Spatula
Style Number: 5284-1307 As low as $1.70 View Details
Reversible Cancooler
Style Number: 8360-CANCOOLER-HA As low as $1.82 View Details
Tall Boy Can Cooler
Style Number: 8360-TALLBOY-SS As low as $1.93 View Details
Portable Cutlery Set with Carabiner
Style Number: 1165-VR3101 As low as $1.99 View Details
Neoprene Pint Cooler – 3"
Style Number: 17910-NPS4CP As low as $2.09 View Details
Full Color Tall Boy Can Cooler
Style Number: 8360-TALLBOY-FC As low as $2.10 View Details
Jersey Cooler for Bottles - Full Color
Style Number: 17910-10024CP As low as $2.19 View Details
3-in-1 Keyring with Flashlight, Whistle and Compass
Style Number: 1165-VK3009 As low as $2.29 View Details
Silicone Basting Brush
Style Number: 5284-1305 As low as $2.39 View Details
Telfair Lunch Box
Style Number: 1165-VR3205 As low as $2.59 View Details
Slip-On Boot Bottle Cooler
Style Number: 17910-13554CP As low as $2.59 View Details
Blaze Campfire Mug - 15 Oz.
Style Number: 6115-8133 As low as $2.59 View Details
Non-Woven Insulated Lunch Bag
Style Number: 3673-WBA-LB10 As low as $2.67 View Details
Denim Print Sunglasses
Style Number: 6219-8876 As low as $2.71 View Details
Half Frame Sunglasses
Style Number: 6219-8874 As low as $2.72 View Details
Non-Woven Insulated Snack Tote Bag
Style Number: 3673-WBA-SA10 As low as $2.72 View Details
Reversible Full Color Tall Boy Can Cooler
Style Number: 8360-TALLBOY-HA As low as $2.72 View Details
Lighten Up Coaster and Bottle Opener
Style Number: 4770-CDKW028 As low as $2.79 View Details
Tie-Dye Sunglasses
Style Number: 6219-8878 As low as $2.83 View Details
Heat It Up 24 oz. Soup Cup
Style Number: 1165-KM8005 As low as $2.89 View Details
L’il Sucker® No Spill Cup Holder
Style Number: 17910-LS1 As low as $3.09 View Details
Full Color Bottle Cooler with Zipper
Style Number: 8360-BOTCOOLER-FC As low as $3.16 View Details
Customizable Water Bottle with Flip Spout - 25 oz.
Style Number: 1165-KW2352 As low as $3.19 View Details
Jackie Glass Mason Jar - 20 oz.
Style Number: 3468-GLS21 As low as $3.25 View Details
Slide Over Bottle Cooler
Style Number: 17910-10014CP As low as $3.29 View Details
Mix N' Match Sunglasses
Style Number: 6219-8855 As low as $3.32 View Details
Insulated Super Cooler Zipper Tote – 12 x 16 x 10
Style Number: 6266-933 As low as $3.39 View Details
Insulated Non-Woven Grocery Tote Bag and Poly Board Insert - 13" x 15"
Style Number: 3529-Y2KC1315 As low as $3.40 View Details
Non-Woven Thrifty Lunch Cooler Bag
Style Number: 6115-3315 As low as $3.49 View Details
Result1-40 of 183

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Why Promotional BBQ Items & Picnic Products Work


A whopping 69% of the respondents in a 2009 study by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) answered that they would pick up a promotional product if they found it useful. Promotional BBQ items and picnic products are versatile products that are easy to transport. Whether you are enjoying a game, at a concert, out for a day at the beach or spending time at a fun family picnic, there is use for picnic items. With your logo on personalized baskets, coolers and blankets, you will have a silent salesperson at every outdoor function. Plus, your brand will be associated with the pleasant times your branded products accompany.

Promotional picnic and BBQ products are a great way to create awareness, and they also make thoughtful gifts to say thank you to customers and donors. Some of the best gifts are products with a high-perceived value and are products that people would like to have, but would not necessarily purchase themselves. Sturdy coolers or promotional picnic baskets will last for years. You can also complement picnic promotional items with other travel ready products like travel wine sets and tasty treats. Consider an entirely picnic or BBQ themed campaign to incorporate your other marketing pieces, too. Discuss ideas with your HALO Account Executive today.

PPAI Research: Effectiveness of Promotional Products as an Advertising Medium 2009