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Custom Ballpoint Pens

Promotional ballpoint pens are one of the most popular writing instruments available. With so many different styles, you can add your logo and contact information to a pen that perfectly complements your brand. Branded pens come in nearly any color imaginable, too. You are sure to find something to match your campaign. Additionally, with everything from the simplest capped stick pen to luxury retractable pens with comfort grips, you can find something to fit any budget. Browse HALO’s broad selection of custom ballpoint pens. If you want to try any yourself, ask about free samples.

Looking for something specific? HALO offers pens from numerous well-known brands so you have hundreds of options. Discuss different pen options with your HALO Account Executive.

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Falcon Stylus Pen
Style Number: 14254-5256 As low as $0.73 View Details
the Essentials Javalina Jewel Pen
Style Number: 61966-320 As low as $0.58 | SALE $0.36 View Details
the Essentials Javalina Classic Pen
Style Number: 61966-322 As low as $0.58 | SALE $0.36 View Details
the Essentials Javalina Tropical Pen
Style Number: 61966-323 As low as $0.58 | SALE $0.36 View Details
the Essentials Javalina Executive Pen
Style Number: 61966-321 As low as $0.58 | SALE $0.36 View Details
the Essentials Javalina Corporate Pen
Style Number: 61966-324 As low as $0.58 | SALE $0.36 View Details
the Essentials Javalina Breeze Pen
Style Number: 61966-328 As low as $0.58 | SALE $0.36 View Details
the Essentials Javalina Midnight Pen
Style Number: 61966-329 As low as $0.58 | SALE $0.36 View Details
the Essentials Javalina Splash Pen
Style Number: 61966-326 As low as $0.58 | SALE $0.36 View Details
Barton Retractable Pen
Style Number: 14254-9050 As low as $0.54 View Details
PaperMate® Inkjoy Quatro Pen
Style Number: 8483-QUATRO As low as $1.60 View Details
Cedar Retractable Plastic Pen
Style Number: 14254-9002 As low as $0.21 View Details
Amber Retractable Pen
Style Number: 14254-9001 As low as $0.29 View Details
Superball Full-Color Wrap Pen
Style Number: 7701-SBR As low as $0.29 View Details
Stratus Solids Pen
Style Number: 7701-PCT As low as $0.30 View Details
Island II Pen
Style Number: 14254-6207 As low as $0.33 View Details
Crush Pen
Style Number: 6115-649 As low as $0.35 View Details
Threaded Grip Pen
Style Number: 6115-650 As low as $0.35 View Details
USA Classic Stick Pen™ Pen - White Barrel with Color Cap
Style Number: 123110-AIO-WCLSW As low as $0.35 View Details
White Stick Pen with Color Trim
Style Number: 5954-315 As low as $0.35 View Details
Screamer Retractable Pen
Style Number: 14254-4008 As low as $0.37 View Details
Cougar Rubber Grip Plastic Ballpoint Pen
Style Number: 9021-SM-4198 As low as $0.39 View Details
Hancock Pen
Style Number: 4629-LO7102 As low as $0.39 View Details
Smoothy Classic Pen
Style Number: 7701-PZC As low as $0.39 View Details
The Nash Pen
Style Number: 9021-SM-4101 As low as $0.40 View Details
Sleeker Retractable Pen
Style Number: 14254-5212 As low as $0.40 View Details
Sharon II Click Action Pen
Style Number: 14254-6232 As low as $0.41 View Details
Smoothy Metallics Pen
Style Number: 7701-FMA As low as $0.42 View Details
Translucent Sidekick Retractable Ballpoint Pen
Style Number: 5954-502 As low as $0.44 View Details
the Essentials Frolico Pen
Style Number: 61966-425 As low as $0.66 | SALE $0.44 View Details
Suavita Ballpoint Pen
Style Number: 61966-259 As low as $0.45 View Details
Eclipse Plastic Ballpoint Pen
Style Number: 9021-SM-4226 As low as $0.45 View Details
Satin-Touch Basset Style Pen
Style Number: 14254-5269 As low as $0.46 View Details
BIC Graphic® Element Pen
Style Number: 4048-55210 As low as $0.46 View Details
Good Value® Komodo Pen
Style Number: 4048-55823 As low as $0.46 View Details
Souvenir® TFW Pen
Style Number: 4048-55934 As low as $0.46 View Details
Carico Pen
Style Number: 61966-363 As low as $0.47 View Details
Javalina® Chrome Bright Pen
Style Number: 61966-317 As low as $0.48 View Details
USA Plastic Clicker Pen&trade
Style Number: 123110-AIO-WCLIC As low as $0.48 View Details
BIC® Honor Silver Pen
Style Number: 4048-HRS As low as $0.49 View Details
Result1-40 of 285

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Promotional Ballpoint Pens – Everyone’s Favorite Writing Instrument


Today, promotional ballpoint pens are one of the most popular writing instruments. Did you know they haven’t always been so popular? In the beginning, the ballpoint pen was the center of many legal arguments (companies disagreed about rights to particular styles). Original ballpoint pens were also scrutinized because of poor quality and high prices. It took a couple decades, but companies eventually improved on the ballpoint design. By the 1960s, ballpoint pens began to grow in popularity again. According to a 2012 study by the Promotional Products Association International, custom ballpoint pens are now favored more than any other type of writing instrument.

Modern customized ballpoint pens are an extremely affordable form of advertising. A pen costing a $1 can expect an overall cost per impression to be just a fraction of a penny. Additionally, 70% of PPAI’s study respondents never buy a pen. That means there is a lot of opportunity for your branded pens to get some use.

Compared to the rollerball and fountain pens, ballpoints require more pressure to write. When documentation requires a firm press, ballpoint pens are especially useful. Ballpoints are often used for carbon-copy forms where the writing, not the ink must be transferred to several layers of paper. They’re great branded pens for hospitals, doctors’ offices, and financial companies.

They conveniently write on paper and fabric surfaces without unwanted bleeding or smearing, too. This is useful for presentations, legible writing and everyday use.  Ballpoint pens are less likely to leak, and their durability is just another reason they’re a smart promotional product pick. 

Source: Promotional Products Association International: A Study of Writing Instruments in U.S. Households, 2012: http://pubs.ppai.org/2012/06/power-of-the-pen-2/ and http://www.ppai.org/MembersOnlyDocs/Research/WritingInstrumentStudy_Final.pdf