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Promotional Beach Towels

Celebrate warm weather promotions with HALO’s collection of promotional beach towels. Whether on a beach or being carried down the boardwalk your imprinted beach towels will be a success. You’ll soak up brand exposure wherever they go. Logo beach towels are like walking billboards that make practical, thoughtful gifts. They also make great giveaways that help promote your brand. Towels also appeal to various industries for guest use or cleanup. Consider businesses in hospitality, restaurants and auto repair shops.

Browse HALO’s selection of lightweight, mid-weight and heavyweight towels below. Towels are available with screen printing or embroidery and are generally machine washable for ease of use. Bleach is not recommended for screen printed towels.

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Quick Dry Microfiber Towel and Pouch
Style Number: 3673-WPC-TP12 As low as $2.25 View Details
Full Color Towel - 15" x 18"
Style Number: 6639-39475 As low as $3.69 View Details
Keep It Cool Towel
Style Number: 4770-KPCLTWL As low as $4.81 View Details
Full Color Towel - 16" x 25"
Style Number: 6639-39483 As low as $5.41 View Details
Active Lifestyle Towel - 22" x 42"
Style Number: 6639-77255 As low as $7.25 View Details
Full Color Locker Room Towel - 22" x 42"
Style Number: 6639-86195 As low as $11.79 View Details
Jewel Collection Beach Towel
Style Number: 22118-BT10 As low as $12.50 View Details
Mid-Weight White Beach Towel - White - 35"W x 60"H
Style Number: 22118-BT-14 As low as $14.97 View Details
Jewel Collection Colored Beach Towel
Style Number: 22118-BT10C As low as $14.97 View Details
USA Made Beach Towel - 30” x 60”
Style Number: 6639-77062 As low as $15.97 View Details
Beach Towel - 30" x 60"
Style Number: 6639-86150 As low as $17.37 View Details
Midweight Colored Beach Towel - 60"W x 35"H
Style Number: 22118-BT-15 As low as $19.17 View Details
Lightweight Cabana Beach Towel - 60"W x 35"H
Style Number: 22118-CB-10 As low as $19.58 View Details
Distressed Design Beach Towel - 60"W x 35"H
Style Number: 22118-FRDS-12 As low as $19.92 View Details
Hibiscus Design Beach Towel - 60"W x 35"H
Style Number: 22118-FRHB-12 As low as $19.92 View Details
Extra-Large Heavyweight Beach Towel- White - 70”W x 35”H
Style Number: 22118-BT-20 As low as $21.60 View Details
Mid-weight Cabana Beach Towel  - 60"W x 35"H
Style Number: 22118-CB-15 As low as $24.92 View Details
Heavyweight Velour Beach Towel - 30" x 60 "
Style Number: 9997-BP1523 As low as $25.75 View Details
Result1-18 of 18

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Types of Promotional Beach Towels


Promotional beach towels provide some of the largest imprint areas of all promotional products. They last for years, too! How do you know which promotional towel is best for your campaign? Consider where people will use it.

Light and mid-weight towels are affordable options for mass distribution. They’re useful as resort towels in rooms or at the pool. They’re also nice for fitness centers to keep handy for club members, hospitals to use for extended-stay patients and youth summer camps to give to campers. Lightweight towels, in particular, are also useful for cleanups. Consider automotive repair shops, restaurants and bars if you want to be the brand they turn to when in a messy situation.

Heavyweight towels provide more of a luxury feel. Invest in heavyweight options when looking for a memorable gift or you want users to feel pampered. Consider spreading your brand message to spas and luxury hotels or using heavyweight towels at executive retreats. Custom beach towels make thoughtful gifts as part of larger packages, too. Pair a heavyweight logo beach towel with comfortable flip-flops, sunglasses and sunblock as a welcome gift to premiere customers at your resort.

Lightweight, mid-weight or heavyweight—whichever promotional beach towel you choose, your logo will have a large opportunity to make an impression.