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Win the hearts of dog owners and their furry friends with pet supply gifts. HALO offers a variety of dog promotional items to fit your marketing budget. From collars and leashes to collapsible water bowls and treat tins, there’s something for every brand.

With promotional dog products, you can reach many different demographics. Focus on specific neighborhoods by giving items away at your local dog park or farmer’s market. Hosting an event at a college campus can help you reach younger pet owners. Want to promote your message to local authorities? Fire and police departments often have canines on staff. If you want to reach a larger audience, look into regional and national dog shows. You can also partner with a pet supply store to get your products and promotional dog toys into every customer’s bag. 

Custom Promotional Dog Gifts

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3-Step Lid™
Style Number: 5284-1301  View Details
Dog Bone Reflective Collar Tag
Style Number: 6219-1897  View Details
Zippy Travel Pet Bowl
Style Number: 8812-CPP-3914  View Details
Paw Keep-It™ Clip
Style Number: 5284-425  View Details
Pet Fetch Toy Tennis Ball
Style Number: 12448-PET102  View Details
Kibble Food Scoop - 1 Cup
Style Number: 43051-0902  View Details
Doggy Dookie Bag Dispenser
Style Number: 55675-WBD  View Details
Doggie Bag with Dog Treats
Style Number: 6115-DOG-BONE-HB  View Details
Large Tin with Dog Bones
Style Number: 6115-DOG-BONE-LT01  View Details
Pet Bag Dispenser with Carabiner
Style Number: 5284-3265  View Details
Dog Poop Bag Holder
Style Number: 123110-AIO-PAWBH  View Details
Fetch-It Dog Toy
Style Number: 3673-WPT-FD12  View Details
Toss-n-Float Dog Toy
Style Number: 3673-WPT-TF12  View Details
Crunch-It Dog Toy
Style Number: 3673-WPT-CP12  View Details
Canine Collar
Style Number: 5410-PCNW  View Details
Promo Pet Leash
Style Number: 5410-PLNW  View Details
Hound Hydrator - 9.5 oz.
Style Number: 3433-K9SM  View Details
Hound Hydrator XL - 25 oz.
Style Number: 3433-K9LG  View Details
Result1-18 of 18

About Custom Promotional Dog Gifts

Types of Dog Promotional Items

According to the American Pet Products Association, the value of the pet industry is estimated at over 60 billion dollars. While a majority of the money spent is on food, pet supplies come in as the third largest expenditure for pet owners. An estimated 54.4 million U.S. households have a dog. You can tap into this large market with promotional pet products. From leashes to collars and bowls, different types of products appeal to different pets and their owners. Browse the list below for ideas on the types of promotional dog products and other pet items that might work for your business.

Leashes: If you run a veterinarian hospital or a kennel, consider adding promotional leashes to your marketing mix. Many times, pets will come in for surgery or a long weekend when their owners are away, and when it’s time to go home the owners don’t always remember to bring the leash back. A promotional leash with your hospital or kennel name will remind pet owners that they can trust you with their pet’s care.

Collapsible Water Bowls: Want to reach an active demographic? Add your branding to collapsible water bowls and give them to people who like to run and walk with their dogs. They usually come attached to a carabiner or some other clip that easily attaches to bags and leashes. Keeping active dogs hydrated isn’t always easy as many will continue to play until they are forced to stop. Collapsible water bowls help the pet’s companion ensure they stay hydrated.

Pet Poop Bag Dispensers: Park districts and neighborhood associations can promote a pet-friendly, clean neighborhood with branded pet bag dispensers. Most pet bag dispensers attach to pet leashes or bags with a carabiner clip so they’re always handy when needed.

Packaged Dog Treats: Dog treats can serve as both thank you gifts for owners and rewards for dogs. Animal shelters can send a package home with every adopted pet, and dog-training facilities can use them to congratulate new “graduates” of training regimens. If your company makes their own treats, consider ordering custom tins from HALO and filling them with your homemade treats.

Whatever type of product you choose, remember to check that it complies with U.S. safety regulations. Not all stuffed animals or balls are safe for use as promotional dog toys. HALO is a leader in product safety; ask your HALO Account Executive if you have any product safety questions.


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