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Promotional Food & Beverage

Delight your clients’ taste buds with promotional food products from HALO. Whether you’re looking for snack baskets to feed an entire office or personalized food gifts for individuals, HALO can help. Browse our selection of promotional food items to find something for every marketing need and budget.

Promotional food gifts are ideal around the holidays, but they're appreciated year-round. No need to wait for the winter to send a sweet treat. Consider surprising clients with a gift outside the traditional season. When ordering, ask about customized packaging, gift tags and special product bundles to ensure recipients remember who sent the thoughtful gift.

Personalized Food Gifts

corporate food gift boxes | HALO Branded Solutions
Popcorn tins, mixed nuts, chocolates and other delicious food gifts
Individually Wrapped Candy | HALO Branded Solutions
Individually wrapped candy and mints in custom wrappers
promotional nut gift boxes | HALO Branded Solutions
Plain or chocolate covered cashews, almonds, pistachios and more
promotional jelly beans | HALO Branded Solutions
Jelly beans, mints, red hots and other favorite candies with your logo
promotional chocolate gift boxes | HALO Branded Solutions
Chocolate covered treats, chocolate bars and cookies
personalized mints | HALO Branded Solutions
Mint tins and individually wrapped mints with a variety of flavors
promotional snack gift tin | HALO Branded Solutions
Candies, popcorn, crackers and other tasty promotional snacks
About Personalized Food Gifts

Choosing the Right Promotional Food & Beverage Gifts

When shopping for promotional food products, samples and virtual proofs can be your best friend before placing an actual order. You want to be sure that your brand is clearly represented on the item or packaging and that the food actually tastes good. The last thing you want is for your promotional food to leave a sour taste in your clients’ mouths.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before making a promotional food gift purchase. 

1. Ask about your branding options. Sending a food gift with a card is a nice gesture, but if you can add your logo to the packaging or the food itself, it will strengthen your branding. Ask about custom boxes, ribbons and gift tags for your promotional food gift. Some products, such as chocolate bars and candies, can feature an imprint directly on them, too. People will see your logo with every bite.

2. Request a sample. It’s important that food promotional items taste as good as they look. Request a sample so you and your marketing staff can taste the food before sending it out. Look for gourmet suppliers and well-known retail brands to ensure the personalized food makes a good impression.

3. Ask about special shipping requirements. Sometimes, promotional food products need to be shipped in special containers to avoid melting or compromising the items. Ask about special requirements and extra shipping expenses, especially in summer months or when shipping to or from hotter climates. This way, you will know how to factor these extra expenses into your overall budget.

4. Consider bundling products. Promotional food gifts make wonderful additions to larger promo bundles. Create a tasty basket with other logoed products such as a bottle of wine, corkscrew, cheese board and chocolates. Use your imagination and ask your HALO Account Executive for recommendations specific to your marketing objectives.