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Promotional Snack Gifts

Make a lasting impression with promotional snack gifts available through HALO. From chocolatey delights to savory, salty snacks, we have something for every marketing campaign. Promote healthy lifestyles with granola bars and custom trail mix or host a themed event with customized popcorn bags on “opening night.”

Whether you’re looking for individually wrapped snacks or gifts for larger groups, HALO has what you need. Browse below for promotional snack gifts to fit your marketing campaign and budget. If you don’t see what you want, contact HALO for additional product ideas.

Custom Snack Gifts with Your Logo

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Custom Assorted Lollipops
Style Number: 71685-CLP As low as $0.21 View Details
Individually Wrapped Hard Candies
Style Number: 71685-IWHC As low as $0.21 View Details
Custom Wrapped HERSHEY’S® Miniatures
Style Number: 71685-HM-1 As low as $0.65 View Details
Zagasnacks Promo Snack Pack Bags
Style Number: 6115-ZS5-JB As low as $0.85 View Details
Animal Crackers Snack Bag
Style Number: 71685-PS-AC1 As low as $1.03 View Details
Single Serve Hot Chocolate Mix Packet
Style Number: 71685-CHC As low as $1.22 View Details
Individually Wrapped Granola Bar
Style Number: 71685-CWGB As low as $1.27 View Details
Lifesavers® Candy Roll with Custom Wrapper
Style Number: 71685-FRLS-FRT As low as $1.49 View Details
Microwave Popcorn Flat
Style Number: 6115-POP01 As low as $1.51 View Details
Full Color Header Bag with Trail Mix - 1 oz
Style Number: 71685-HB-TM1 As low as $1.54 View Details
Promotional Nature Valley™ Granola Bars
Style Number: 4490-SN-400D  View Details
Milk Chocolate Dipped Pretzel
Style Number: 20391-CL1001 As low as $2.09 View Details
White Chocolate Dipped Pretzel
Style Number: 20391-CL1003 As low as $2.09 View Details
Single Serve Coffee Cup with Full Color Sleeve
Style Number: 71685-KCSL As low as $2.10 View Details
Milk Chocolate Covered Oreo® Cookie
Style Number: 20391-CL1101 As low as $2.19 View Details
Dark Chocolate Covered Oreo® Cookie
Style Number: 20391-CL1102 As low as $2.19 View Details
Promo Snax
Style Number: 71685-PS-CP25 As low as $2.43 View Details
Slide Tin with Mini M&M’s®
Style Number: 71685-GT-5 As low as $2.45 View Details
Snack Pack
Style Number: 71685-SNKP-ETM2 As low as $2.49 View Details
Chocolate Covered Oreo® Pops
Style Number: 71685-CCOP-NRP As low as $3.48 View Details
Healthy Snackin' Tube with Tropical Snack Mix
Style Number: 6115-ST1 As low as $3.68 View Details
Gemmies® in Clear Tube with Silver Cap
Style Number: 71685-LGCBT-8 As low as $3.72 View Details
Large Healthy Snackin' Tube with Tropical Snack Mix
Style Number: 6115-LST1 As low as $4.51 View Details
Gourmet Popcorn Tube - Caramel Popcorn
Style Number: 71685-STBS-CPP As low as $6.85 | SALE $5.85 View Details
Cookies & Cream Gourmet Popcorn Gift Bag
Style Number: 71685-EBBCC As low as $6.66 View Details
Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie Tin
Style Number: 71685-HQT-9 As low as $8.42 View Details
Crowd Pleaser Gable Box
Style Number: 71685-CPGB-1 As low as $8.91 View Details
Stacked Present with Pistachios and Chocolate Covered Peanuts
Style Number: 71685-STPR-ST1 As low as $9.31 View Details
Movie Snack Box
Style Number: 71685-CTMP As low as $10.42 View Details
Ballpark Snacks Tin
Style Number: 71685-1QTCP As low as $10.63 View Details
Chocolate Covered Pretzels Gift Box - 3.6 oz
Style Number: 20391-NPD115 As low as $10.89 View Details
Chocolate Covered Oreo® Cookies Gift Box
Style Number: 71685-EOB5-NPM As low as $12.18 View Details
Campfire S’mores Kit - Small
Style Number: 71685-SMKS As low as $13.76 View Details
3 Piece Hot Chocolate Kit
Style Number: 71685-HCHK As low as $13.84 View Details
Chocolate Covered Almonds in Kraft Pillow Pack Box
Style Number: 20391-KP124 As low as $13.89 View Details
Glass Mason Jar with HERSHEY’S® KISSES®
Style Number: 71685-MSJR16-HKS As low as $14.02 View Details
Mad for Plaid Treats Tote
Style Number: 5607-100592-643 As low as $16.37 | SALE $14.53 View Details
Utz Special Pretzel Snack Barrel - 28 oz
Style Number: 5954-U8340  View Details
Contemporary Glass Jar with Pistachio Nuts
Style Number: 71685-10CJ-PST As low as $14.99 View Details
3 Piece Gift Tube with Gourmet Pretzels
Style Number: 4490-3TUBE-PRT  View Details
Result1-40 of 86

About Custom Snack Gifts with Your Logo

Types of Promotional Snack Gifts

When using food to promote your business, promotional snack gifts give you a variety of options from gourmet chocolates to salted nuts and popcorn. Not sure where to start? Here are a few major snack categories to consider while browsing for something to complement your marketing campaign.

1. Healthy snacks: Promotional healthy snacks are ideal for endorsing fitness centers, athletic teams, sporting goods stores or an overall wellness campaign against obesity. Look for popular brand-name granola bars with customizable packaging, custom trail mix and other nutritious treats.

2. Popcorn: This fan favorite is available for individual use as well as in larger, giftable popcorn tins. Hotels and movie theaters may opt for customized popcorn bags to promote their brands on an individual level. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a tasty gift for clients in large offices, popcorn tins provide enough for everyone to enjoy.

3. Sweet and salty combos: Can’t decide between sweet and salty? Opt for gourmet nut and chocolate combo boxes or, even better, chocolate covered nuts! If you’re trying to avoid nuts due to allergy risks, chocolate covered pretzels are a nice option to give you that sweet/salty combination you desire.

Still not sure which type of promotional snacks are best for your marketing campaign? Contact HALO to discuss your specific brand needs. We’ll help you find something your audience will love.