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Promotional Nut Gift Boxes

You’d have to be nuts not love these promotional nut gift boxes. Whether indulging their sweet tooth with chocolate covered nuts or satisfying their savory snack cravings with premium-roasted varieties like extra fancy jumbo cashews, deluxe mixed nuts and California pistachios — HALO has something for everybody on your list.

Nut gifts and other edibles are among the most popular gifts for employees. They’re also a great option for long-term clients. Send something for the entire office; employees love opening fancy gift boxes. They’ll be sharing the food and thanking you for the nice gesture. Nut gifts can be given any time of year and for no reason at all. A simple “thinking of you” is a nice way to get them thinking of you, too.

Personalized Fancy Gift Boxes

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Hardwood Pencil Cup with Extra Fancy Jumbo Cashews
Style Number: 20391-BPC102 As low as $28.95 View Details
Chocolate Covered Almonds in Wooden Collector’s Box
Style Number: 20391-K124 As low as $28.95 View Details
Pecan Turtles, English Butter Toffee, Chocolate Almond Snowflake Gift Box
Style Number: 20391-SL3025 As low as $42.95 View Details
Stacked Present with Pistachios and Chocolate Covered Peanuts
Style Number: 71685-STPR-ST1 As low as $8.45 View Details
Deluxe  Mixed Nuts Gift Box - 5 oz
Style Number: 20391-NPD116 As low as $12.89 View Details
Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds Gift Box - 5 oz
Style Number: 20391-NPD124 As low as $12.89 View Details
Contemporary Glass Jar with Pistachio Nuts
Style Number: 71685-10CJ-PST As low as $13.60 View Details
Pistachio Nut Tin
Style Number: 71685-RT111P As low as $21.11 View Details
Sweet and Salty Luxury Gift Box
Style Number: 71685-SWS As low as $24.20 View Details
4-Way Round Nut Sampler with Bow
Style Number: 71685-4WRL-1 As low as $25.94 View Details
Jumbo California Pistachios in Wooden Collector’s Box
Style Number: 20391-K141 As low as $25.95 View Details
7-Way Candy and Nut Tin
Style Number: 71685-1157WASM As low as $26.41 View Details
Chocolate Almonds & Peppermint Bark in Wooden Collector's Box
Style Number: 20391-K104 As low as $26.95 View Details
Hardwood Pencil Cup with Milk Chocolate Almonds
Style Number: 20391-BPC124 As low as $26.95 View Details
Custom 4-Way Nut Tin
Style Number: 71685-2C4WN As low as $28.06 View Details
Milk & Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds Deluxe Gift Box
Style Number: 20391-ES125 As low as $28.95 View Details
Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds Deluxe Gift Box
Style Number: 20391-NMBG124 As low as $28.95 View Details
Extra Fancy Jumbo Cashews in Wooden Collector’s Box
Style Number: 20391-K102 As low as $31.95 View Details
Chocolate Almonds & Cashews in Wooden Collector’s Box
Style Number: 20391-K120 As low as $31.95 View Details
Nut Quartet Luxury Gift Box
Style Number: 71685-BON As low as $32.03 View Details
Classic 1925 Stake Truck  - Chocolate Almonds & Cashews
Style Number: 20391-TR120 As low as $43.95 View Details
9 Way Luxury Sampler
Style Number: 71685-9WS2-NTC As low as $44.31 View Details
Large Pistachio Nut Tin with Handle
Style Number: 71685-RT505 As low as $47.30 View Details
6-Way Snack Tin - 2 gal.
Style Number: 71685-2G6W As low as $49.14 View Details
Result1-24 of 24

About Personalized Fancy Gift Boxes

How to Make an Impression with Promotional Nut Gift Boxes

Gourmet nut gift boxes are an excellent way to thank customers and employees while promoting your brand. Like other food gifts, nuts can appeal to many people in one location. Send a large tin or tower and the whole office will enjoy them. HALO’s selection is versatile, too. You can appeal to recipients who enjoy both sweet and salty snacks and choose from a variety of nuts.

If you want to include a permanent item, something with your logo on it to generate goodwill long after the snacks have been enjoyed, there are many options. Send the gourmet nuts in a functional container such as a pencil cup, wooden box, keepsake box, or candy dish. The more useful the container is, the more likely they are to keep it.

Remember to think outside the traditional “holiday season” when giving. Promotional nut gifts can be used for all sorts of occasions. Celebrate anniversaries, send a thank you or simply make an impression at a show or event.

If it’s in your marketing budget, consider pairing nut gifts with other items. Including the gourmet nuts in another item like a keepsake mug or bag makes the gift even more memorable.