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Promotional novelties add fun to your next marketing campaign. Whether you’re marketing to families or adults, promo toys and novelty items are a unique way to make a lasting impression. HALO offers numerous products to fit a variety of campaigns. Customized playing cards are fun for company picnics, frequent travelers and needs something to do, or casino themed events. Promotional toys are good options for museums, health care and schools. Executive toys tend to be more about relieving stress and are great for anyone who works in an office as well as therapeutic treatment centers.

Think about how a novelty item can tie into a larger theme. A retro-themed campaign can utilize retro toys like a promotional Rubik’s® Cube alongside old-fashioned candy. A wellness event can use promotional jump ropes to make fitness fun!

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Promotional novelties are a fun way to draw attention to your brand, but it’s important to choose items that complement your branding and suit your audience. So when browsing for novelty promotional items, think of your audience first.

Are you marketing to…?

Trade Show Attendees: Trade shows have a lot of wiggle room for fun novelty items. Many trade show booths fit a particular theme, and novelty items can help make your booth more memorable. For example, a casino themed booth can have branded poker chips and promotional playing cards in branded bags for each visitor. Retro-themed booths throwing back to the good ol’ days of quality products and service can feature slinkable spring toys and Rubik’s cubes.

Employees: Executive novelty products are a great way to help your employees relax a bit. Most industries have a busy season—reward employees with stress balls or jumbo Tangles® to help ease their minds while at the office.

Children: Kids will appreciate most any toy, so they are effective marketing tools at children’s events, museums, healthcare providers health and schools. However, not all promotional novelties are made for children. If you’re going to use a novelty item in a campaign marketing to children, ask your HALO Account Executive to make sure it meets all U.S. safety requirements. This is true if you are using a toy item to market to parents, too—the item will likely end up in their kids’ hands, so it’s critical that it be safe for children. Your HALO Account Executive can help you maneuver tricky laws concerning product safety and children.

Who is your ideal audience? Discuss your campaign with your HALO Account Executive for help choosing a novelty item that will be most valuable to your brand and have the greatest impact on your campaign.