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Promotional Toys

Have some fun with your next marketing campaign and add promotional toys to the mix. From fun flying discs to balls and personalized plastic piggy banks, HALO has what you need to make your audience smile. Promotional toys are a smart way to market to audiences of all ages. Consider beach balls and flying discs at outdoor events and watch your branded item pass from attendee to attendee as they play with it. Inside? Stress balls, puzzles and stuffed animals make great keepsakes that are fun to play with while waiting for a seminar or corporate event to begin.

If you’re looking for something particular, discuss your needs with your HALO Account Executive. HALO can help you find the specific custom toys you need to help your brand get noticed.

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Wall Street Bull Stress Reliever
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How to Choose Promotional Toys


When considering adding promotional toys to your marketing mix, it’s important to keep your audience in mind. Toys can appeal to people of all ages. So what type of promotional toys will work best for your campaign? Ask yourself the following questions before making a purchase.

1. Where will my audience receive these items? If you’re promoting your brand at an outside event, look for a promotional toy that attendees can play with right then and there. Beach balls are great travel companions since you can save space by deflating them, and they’re safe to play with in large crowds. Promotional flyers are another fun outdoor option, and they’re sure to touch multiple hands meaning more exposure for your brand. If you’re inside, look for items that sit nicely on a desk such as stress relievers or puzzle games.

2. What is my message? If you’re promoting your school’s math team, a promotional football may not be the best toy option. It’s important that whatever item you choose represents your brand while also appealing to your audience.

3. Do I want multiple people playing with my promo item? When promoting a team, a large event or a group activity it’s safe to market to multiple people at a time. You’re hoping for a large turnout and the entire group qualifies as potential attendees. On the other hand, if you’re promoting a more personal service, special sale, or commemorating an event, you want something that each individual can take with them as a keepsake so they remember your brand in the future.