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Promotional Magnets with Your Logo

Promotional magnets help your brand stick in the minds of your clients. They’ll have your contact information in plain sight on their filing cabinet, tool box or refrigerator. Any time they need the goods or services your company provides, yours will be the first number they see and call. HALO’s calendar selection includes various shapes to fit your business and an array of styles, too. You can choose from basic magnets with a boldly printed logo or something more complex like a calendar magnet. If you want to get your message out on the road, browse HALO’s selection of promotional car magnets. Available in different shapes and sizes, car magnets take your brand anywhere you go. People will see your information on the road and in parking lots.

Ready to add custom promotional magnets to your marketing mix? Ask HALO about free samples and low minimums.

Custom Promotional Magnets

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the Essentials Alligator Clip
Style Number: 6115-195 As low as $1.39 | SALE $0.73 View Details
the Essentials Business Card Magnet
Style Number: 6852-BC1 As low as $0.45 | SALE $0.42 View Details
Square Magnet - 1.5" x 1.5"
Style Number: 6852-S102 As low as $0.10 View Details
Ambulance Magnet
Style Number: 6852-S150 As low as $0.10 View Details
Toothbrush Magnet
Style Number: 6852-S151 As low as $0.11 View Details
Oval Magnet - 2" x 3"
Style Number: 6852-S135 As low as $0.11 View Details
Tooth Healthcare Magnet
Style Number: 6852-S122 As low as $0.11 View Details
Rectangle Magnet with Round Corner - 1 3/4" x 2 3/4"
Style Number: 6852-S108 As low as $0.11 View Details
Bandage Healthcare Magnet - 2" x 3"
Style Number: 6852-S112D As low as $0.11 View Details
Circle Magnet - 2"diam.
Style Number: 6852-S120E As low as $0.11 View Details
Mortar and Pestle Magnet
Style Number: 6852-S164 As low as $0.11 View Details
Blood Droplet Healthcare Magnet
Style Number: 6852-S171 As low as $0.11 View Details
Charter Bus Magnet
Style Number: 6852-S187 As low as $0.11 View Details
Moving Truck Magnet
Style Number: 6852-S188 As low as $0.11 View Details
Tow Truck Magnet
Style Number: 6852-S173 As low as $0.12 View Details
Credit Card Magnet with Round Corners
Style Number: 6852-S280 As low as $0.12 View Details
Touch Screen Phone Magnet - 3 1/2" x 1 7/8"
Style Number: 6852-S474 As low as $0.12 View Details
Van Transportation Magnet
Style Number: 6852-S121C As low as $0.12 View Details
Car Magnet
Style Number: 6852-S163B As low as $0.12 View Details
Book Magnet
Style Number: 6852-S159 As low as $0.15 View Details
Heart Healthcare Magnet
Style Number: 6852-S133 As low as $0.15 View Details
Circle Magnet - 3"diam.
Style Number: 6852-S120J As low as $0.15 View Details
Star Magnet
Style Number: 6852-S165 As low as $0.15 View Details
Square Magnet with Square Corners - 3" x 3"
Style Number: 6852-S461 As low as $0.15 View Details
Eco-Friendly Recycling Bin Magnet
Style Number: 6852-RP06FC As low as $0.18 View Details
Picture Frame Magnet with Oval Punch Out - 3 3/4" x 3"
Style Number: 6852-PF01 As low as $0.19 View Details
Jumbo Phone Magnet
Style Number: 6852-J08 As low as $0.19 View Details
Full Color Large Pizza Magnet
Style Number: 6852-S237FCA As low as $0.19 View Details
Square Magnet with Square Corner
Style Number: 6852-S243 As low as $0.19 View Details
Laptop Magnet
Style Number: 6852-S248FCA As low as $0.19 View Details
Rectangle Magnet with Square Corners - 3" x 5"
Style Number: 6852-S403 As low as $0.19 View Details
Jumbo Teddy Bear Magnet - 4 1/8" x 4 1/4"
Style Number: 6852-J06 As low as $0.31 View Details
Jumbo House Magnet
Style Number: 6852-J07 As low as $0.31 View Details
Rectangle Calendar Magnet - 3 29/32" x 6 15/16"
Style Number: 6852-MC05 As low as $0.36 View Details
Jumbo Rectangle Magnet with Round Corner - 5 1/2" x 4 1/2"
Style Number: 6852-J01 As low as $0.36 View Details
Rectangle Magnet with Square Corners - 4" x 7"
Style Number: 6852-S402 As low as $0.36 View Details
Rectangle Sports Schedule Magnet - 4" x 5 7/8"
Style Number: 6852-SCH02 As low as $0.36 View Details
Football Sport Schedule Magnet
Style Number: 6852-SCH05 As low as $0.36 View Details
Sport Schedule Magnet - 8" x 3 1/2"
Style Number: 6852-SCH16 As low as $0.41 View Details
Jumbo Circle Magnet - 5 3/4"diam.
Style Number: 6852-S471 As low as $0.41 View Details
Result1-40 of 133

About Custom Promotional Magnets

Why Promotional Magnets?



When was the last time you threw away a magnet with an important phone number or reference information on it?   People search for multiple places to stick a magnet because they like them, use them, and can’t get enough of them. Why not spend some of your marketing budget dollars on something you know has such high staying power and is available at such a low cost? Promotional magnets are not only useful. They're also an eco-friendly way to advertise because you are not simply sending out another piece of paper to be collected or thrown away.

From business card magnets to car sign magnets, your options are endless. For something recipients will really use, try a calendar magnet or special events magnet. You can customize these magnets to list important dates. Consider supporting your local sports teams with a schedule of all games or market to teachers and parents with a schedule of school-related events.

Do you need something custom to match your brand or upcoming product launch?  Let HALO help you design the perfect custom size and shape to fit your needs. Are you looking for an item to use as a yearly mailer to your customers and prospects? Magnets are small and light enough to double as a mailer, and they make a stronger impression than traditional mailers. HALO can help you develop an effective mailer using your promo magnets. If you are looking for a useful item to drive customers to your website, create consumer action, increase business and drive attention to your brand then promotional magnets are your answer!