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Promotional Rulers

Promotional rulers give your company measurable results. Make a big impact on a small budget with custom rulers available in a variety of sizes and finishes. HALO’s selection of fun, yet affordable rulers are perfect for back to school giveaways, art show handouts and sewing class keepsakes.

Whether you’re looking for a small, six-inch ruler or promotional yardsticks, HALO has what you need. Rulers are available in many colors so you can complement your logo, and because of their simple rectangular shape, it’s easy to fit your brand name, contact information and/or tagline. Many promotional rulers are multi-functional and include features such as a magnifier or letter opener. The more functional your promotional ruler is, the more likely your audience will be to keep it.

Custom Promotional Rulers

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Natural Finish Wooden Ruler - 6"
Style Number: 6489-F6N As low as $0.21 View Details
Wooden Ruler - 12"
Style Number: 6489-RN125 As low as $0.32 View Details
Wooden Mood Ruler - 6"
Style Number: 3027-91306 As low as $0.52 View Details
Presidential Plastic Ruler - .015" Thick
Style Number: 5695-2125 As low as $0.52 View Details
Natural Finish Yardstick
Style Number: 3027-90999 As low as $0.86 View Details
Letter Opener with 3” Ruler - White
Style Number: 123110-AIO-LOP3W As low as $1.08 View Details
Enamel Finish Yardstick
Style Number: 3027-90555 As low as $1.25 View Details
All-In-One Pen/Stylus
Style Number: 10209-ST16 As low as $1.60 View Details
Premium Translucent 4-in-1 School Kit
Style Number: 3027-05120 As low as $3.01 View Details
Clear Translucent Pouch School Kit
Style Number: 3027-05010 As low as $3.06 View Details
8-in-1 Carabiner Tool
Style Number: 4629-TS5105 As low as $3.89 View Details
Result1-11 of 11

About Custom Promotional Rulers

About Promotional Rulers

Logo rulers and promotional yardsticks come in many styles to fit your brand’s personality. You can choose a simple plastic ruler or something unique like a color-changing mood ruler. Mood changing rulers change color with the touch of your hand, making them fun for any audience. Another unique style is the flexi-ruler. Its bendable construction makes it easier to draw curves.

Promotional rulers make great tradeshow giveaways. Whether for the home or office, they’ll see your logo while working on homework, home improvements and crafts. You can reach people in a variety of industries with a promotional ruler. Consider anyone who measures—architects, engineers, quilters, tailors, art students, elementary school students… the list goes on. You can also donate rulers to schools and other institutions looking for supplies.

Each audience has a unique use for the ruler, so consider bundling your ruler with something that makes sense to their marker. Include fabric for quilters or pencils for architects and engineers. Another budget-friendly way to make an impression with a ruler is to use it as a mailer.  A flat, six-inch ruler will mail easily and stand out in a pile of standard envelopes.

Whether you plan to donate these useful items or incorporate them into your marketing mix, you can rest assured that your message will be seen and your promotional ruler will be used.