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Promotional Tech Giveaways & Accessories

Whether it’s a smart phone, tablet or computer, technology surrounds us daily. Promoting your brand with tech giveaways is a smart way to be sure your promo product gets used. HALO offers a large variety of technology accessories to fit various budgets. Value-priced cell phone cases and smart cleaner cloths are good options for large trade shows or events. If you’re hosting a webinar, give attendees affordable ear buds that they’ll use on site and in the future. Handing out press kits or giving a large presentation? Save the materials to a promotional USB drive, you’re your logo and you won’t have to waste time or money on paper handouts.

HALO’s tech giveaways can also be used as raffle prizes. Power banks, computer accessories and speakers make nice prizes or gifts. Discuss your budget and options with your HALO Account Executive for ideas that will fit your marketing campaign.

Technology Giveaways & Accessories

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Power Bank – 5,000 mAh
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About Technology Giveaways & Accessories

Types of Tech Giveaways

In business today, you cannot complete your daily tasks without using some form of technology. Whether you are checking in, checking email or making a call, technology is being used. Make your clients, employees and customers’ busy days a little easier with technology accessories that protect, charge or enhance their devices. 

Device Protection: Safeguard their laptop, tablet or e-reader with branded sleeves and cases that will help protect against scratches and other damage. Sleeves and cases with your logo are smart ways to market to anyone who takes their technology on the road. HALO offers a variety of covers and sleeves in a range of colors to match your logo or next marketing campaign.

Chargers: Put some power behind your promotion with charging docks and charging stations. USB car chargers and power banks have a universal appeal because they can usually be used to charge multiple types of tech items.

USB Flash Drives: USB drives are among the most popular means of electronic storage. They’re affordable enough to be used as tech giveaways or can be combined with other tech items for a larger gift. Consider pre-loading promo flash drives with materials your audience will use to increase the lifespan and impressions of your drive.

Ear Buds & Speakers: Appeal to their musical side with promotional ear buds and speakers. Ear buds are smart for clientele who will be expected to listen to something at your event such as at training events or classes that involve videos. Airlines can also use ear buds for guests interested in watching the in-flight movie. Promotional speakers are nice options when in need of a higher-value product for a gift or a contest prize.

Regardless of the promotional tech items you choose, you’re sure to make an impression. Your audience doesn’t have to be the most tech-savvy to appreciate tech giveaways. Discuss your marketing needs with your HALO Account Executive to find a tech product that is right for your brand.