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Promotional State Shaped Magnets

Connect your next promotion to your favorite state with one of HALO’s 50 state shaped promotional magnets. Promotional state magnets are an affordable way to advertise your business while celebrating your home, its people and culture. Your clients will appreciate your show of state pride as they see your full color brand message at home on the fridge or on their filing cabinets in the office.

Promotional magnets are useful for advocating a cause, boosting tourism, promoting charity initiatives, and supporting educational organizations. In addition, magnets are easy on your budget, making them ideal giveaways for tradeshows and community events.

Every state shaped magnet in HALO’s collection is proudly made in the USA. Pricing includes your full color imprint to help you make a lasting impression.

Promotional State Shaped Magnets

Result1-40 of 50
Alabama Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590AL As low as $0.69 View Details
South Carolina Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590SC As low as $0.69 View Details
Ohio Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590OH As low as $0.69 View Details
Oklahoma Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590OK As low as $0.71 View Details
Oregon Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590OR As low as $0.71 View Details
Pennsylvania Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590PA As low as $0.71 View Details
Rhode Island Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590RI As low as $0.71 View Details
Alaska Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590AK As low as $0.71 View Details
South Dakota Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590SD As low as $0.71 View Details
Tennessee Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590TN As low as $0.71 View Details
Texas Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590TX As low as $0.71 View Details
Utah Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590UT As low as $0.71 View Details
Virginia Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590VA As low as $0.71 View Details
Vermont Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590VT As low as $0.71 View Details
Washington Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590WA As low as $0.71 View Details
Wisconsin Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590WI As low as $0.71 View Details
West Virginia Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590WV As low as $0.71 View Details
Wyoming Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590WY As low as $0.71 View Details
Arkansas Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590AR As low as $0.71 View Details
Arizona Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590AZ As low as $0.71 View Details
California Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590CA As low as $0.71 View Details
Colorado Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590CO As low as $0.71 View Details
Connecticut Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590CT As low as $0.71 View Details
Deleware Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590DE As low as $0.71 View Details
Florida Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590FL As low as $0.71 View Details
Georgia Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590GA As low as $0.71 View Details
Hawaii Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590HI As low as $0.71 View Details
Iowa Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590IA As low as $0.71 View Details
Idaho Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590ID As low as $0.71 View Details
Illinois Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590IL As low as $0.71 View Details
Indiana Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590IN As low as $0.71 View Details
Kansas Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590KS As low as $0.71 View Details
Kentucky Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590KY As low as $0.71 View Details
Louisana Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590LA As low as $0.71 View Details
Massachusetts  Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590MA As low as $0.71 View Details
Maryland Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590MD As low as $0.71 View Details
Maine Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590ME As low as $0.71 View Details
Michigan Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590MI As low as $0.71 View Details
Minnesota Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590MN As low as $0.71 View Details
Missouri Magnet
Style Number: 6639-19590MO As low as $0.71 View Details
Result1-40 of 50

About Promotional State Shaped Magnets

Promotional State Shaped Magnets

Uses for Promotional State Magnets A useful connection between home state pride and your local business or cause, promotional state magnets may just be the next marketing solution you’ve been looking for. With your full color logo and message on a magnet in the shape of your home state, your customized message will be remembered.

Endorse a Statewide Project or Program: Whether boosting tourism, supporting education or endorsing a state politician, custom promotional state magnets are a great way to champion a project or program you believe in. A full color personalization with your message earns awareness every time someone sees it. Give them away at community events and fundraisers. Remember to include your website or contact information so people can learn more and get involved.

Advertise Your State Pride & Encourage “Shopping Local”: With recent efforts promoting shopping local, increase your regional presence by advertising your state pride. If your business is exclusively represented in your state, a state shaped magnet is an affordable way to tout this message. Your visitors will remember their special vacation or event when they take these custom magnets home.

Support Charity Initiatives: Partnering your business with worthy local causes will go a long way to express your support and care for the community you share. Consider using state shaped customized magnets to raise funds for a local nonprofit organization. Advance recognition for your charity of choice by giving them away at awareness events.

Consult your HALO Account Executive for other unique ways to utilize personalized promotional state magnets.